Coming Soon: Palia’s PC Public Beta!


You read that right - In just a few short weeks, Palia will be entering its most epic adventure yet: Our PC Beta! 🎉 We have so much to share with you, and we cannot wait to throw the doors of Palia wide open – read on for all the details about Closed Beta, Open Beta, inviting your friends, how to see an in-depth look at Palia’s gameplay, AND MORE!

A Quick TL;DR:

  • Players can now create their own account on Palia.com starting today!
  • Closed Beta begins on August 2, at 10:00 am PT - when the NDA drops
  • Open Beta begins on August 10, at 10:00am PT - when everyone can play
  • No More Wipes – All gameplay progress is yours to keep!

Starting Your Palia Journey

Welcome to Palia! Palia is a cozy sim MMO where you can play with old friends or meet new friends to enjoy activities like gardening, mining, hunting, fishing, and more, while unraveling unique lore filled with mysteries alongside romanceable NPCs rich with backstory and personality.

Starting today, everyone can create their own Palia account through accounts.palia.com/sign-up. This will be your account where you can manage your details, refer friends (more on this later), and download the game (once available – stay tuned for updates!). Making an account will be your first step to be part of the Beta!

If you have been part of our Alpha testing in the past, you do not need to create an account 🥰 Your Alpha testing account log-in information will carry over to the Beta, and beyond!

💡 Please note that even if you have previously signed up with your email for our newsletter or answered our survey, but have not been part of any of our Alphas, you will still need to create your Palia account to have a chance to be part of our Closed Beta.

Read on to learn how you can join a warm community of players on this Beta adventure 🪂

When is the Closed Beta?

On August 2, 10:00am PT, the Palia servers will go live, and the NDA will lift for all players. Anyone who has created an account and received a Closed Beta invitation via email will be able to download and jump into Palia. From this day onwards, players can share, stream, and tune in wherever fine gameplay streams are found.

Did we mention that you get to keep all your gameplay progress, for all of Palian time? 😇

We’ll begin by rolling out invites with instructions on how to pre-download Palia, starting with some early Alpha testers, press, and creators, the week before Closed Beta begins. From there, we’ll be sending a fresh wave of emails to account-holders every day, checking in on our server performance and player capacity with each new batch. For those who have been waiting patiently since Palia’s first announcement, the rest of the invites will try to prioritize early email sign-ups who have also created their accounts.

💡Hot Tip! Please make sure you check the box to “Subscriptions” at accounts.palia.com to ensure you receive all email communications from us, including an invite to Closed Beta! Note that you may opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time, by unchecking the box or clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails.

Open Beta: Welcome Home

Grab your snacks, hydrate, and de-shrimp thyself: Open Beta starts on August 10, 10:00am PT! 🥳When Open Beta begins, everyone who has created a Palia account can start playing the game without requiring an invite. Come on in, the fishing water’s fine!

Many adventures have led us to this day; and after 2 years of Alpha testing with small groups of testers, we are ready to welcome in everyone who sets up an account with us on palia.com, ever since that beautiful day we announced Palia in June of 2021!

During Beta you’ll probably encounter some rough edges that we’re still smoothing out, but we know that by polishing Palia to a bright shine right alongside our players, we can make the best possible game for everyone!

Bring Your Friends

Refer A Friend

We like to say Palia is fun solo, better together! To bring your friends along for the ride, we have created the Refer A Friend program. By sharing an invite code with your friends, you can get a couple cuddly perks to cozi-fy your Palian home right when you walk in the door. Read the full details here: Introducing Palia's Refer A Friend Program!

Coming Soon: Tune Into Palia’s Gameplay First Look!

Gameplay First Look

Tuesday, July 18th at 10:00 a.m. PT – Grab your popcorn and nestle under your blankets - Players excited to learn more about the game are encouraged to tune-in to Palia’s Twitch or YouTube channel for a special hour-long Gameplay First Look livestream!

We know you have so many questions, and we’ve provided answers to just a few of them below. But if you have even more questions, be sure to join our community for updates directly from the team over in Discord, subscribe to our YouTube and Twitch, and follow Palia on Twitter (@playPalia), Instagram (@playpalia), and TikTok (@playpalia).


Are you ready?
Thanks for asking! We have done as much prep as we can before entering Beta. Ask any creative and they will share that their work is never truly done, but eventually, it is time to take the leap and share it with the world. We know MMO releases are legendary for infamous errors, queue problems, crashing servers…we know Murphy’s Law exists…but we also know that even if we do encounter these challenges, they are part of why the Beta is such an important step in Palia’s long-term future. We can’t wait to grow Palia with all of you!

What is the difference between Alpha and Beta?
There are a few BIG differences between Alpha and Beta:

  • The Alpha tests we have held since 2021 were kept under NDA as we tested early gameplay features, and had frequent progress resets.

  • As of Closed Beta on August 2nd, Palia gameplay will no longer be under NDA - this means you can tune into livestreams, and chat openly about Palia gameplay in the community!

  • As of Open Beta on August 10th, everyone can create a Palia account and get playing!

  • And, our personal favorite: No more progress wipes! As of Beta, your game and character progress will remain intact, so you can invest in your Palian life for many moons to come.

But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to hearing your feedback, polishing bugs, improving performance, and making Palia better and better with each update. We want Palia to be a game that players can enjoy for many years to come, with frequent content additions and an evolving story. While we have a lot more work to do, we know that doing it more publicly, with more players, is the best way to accomplish our best work!

I signed up for a playtest with my email before, do I have to create an account?
Yes! We’ll also be sending email communications to people who signed up with us in the past to go through account creation. Creating an account will ensure you have a chance to receive an invitation to Closed Beta or get in promptly once Open Beta begins.

I was a past Alpha player, do I still need to make an account?
No, your current account should work just fine! If you are an early Alpha player, we would like to request that you reach out to Player Support to get your information updated (for country / region and birthdate) as soon as possible. This will help better secure your account. Thank you!

I purchased some Palia Coins in the Alpha. What happens to them?
First, thank you for your early support! Starting in the Beta, all previous in-game cosmetic purchases will be reset, and you will receive the Palia coins you purchased in Alpha, along with an additional 20% bonus in Palia coins. This should be waiting for you in-game when you first log in to Palia! We’ll be sending email communications to notify you of the total amount of Palia coins you can expect in-game before the Closed Beta begins.

I created an account - does this mean I get into the Closed Beta?
Creating an account is the first big step you need to take to qualify for a chance to get into the Closed Beta! Invitations to download the build and enter Closed Beta will be sent out in waves. The number of invites we send out each day may change as we assess the performance of our servers. This means that while you may have created an account, you may still have to wait until Open Beta to enter Palia.

Do we get to keep all our game progress in the Beta?
There will be no more wipes as of Closed Beta! Beta marks the true beginning of your cozy life in Palia. Prior to Beta, account progression was wiped for each playtest. Now, your progress will continue from Closed Beta, Open Beta, and beyond. While the game itself is in a beta state, we want our players to know they can commit the time to play and get invested in living your fantasy in Palia.

How do I know if I get invited?
We’ll be rolling out invites on a daily basis across the Closed Beta. We’ll be starting with a smaller group of players (which includes press, content creators, and select previous Alpha players) to start to warm up our servers, but we aim to invite people as fast and safely as we can!

Will Palia be available in my region?
Palia is officially available in North America and Western European regions, and we plan to release to more regions over time!

What languages will Palia support?
Palia will be available at Beta in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, with more languages planned to be added over time. Please stay tuned for updates!

What are the PC machine spec requirements for Beta?
Please visit the following link for details: https://palia.info/specs

I am having problems creating an account, help!
Please contact Player Support at support.palia.com!

Can I invite friends?
Great question, and yes! We have a Refer A Friend program where you can get up to 5 charming in-game rewards. You can read more about it HERE.

I’m excited for Palia to release on Nintendo Switch, when can we expect more information on its release?
We love your excitement and cannot wait to share more details with you when the time is right! In the meantime, we encourage you to wishlist Palia here, sign up for our newsletter here, and join our Discord.

Where can I learn more?
We can’t wait to meet you! Come join our community to celebrate the Beta release of Palia and learn more about what to expect. Head over to our Discord for direct updates from the development team, check out our YouTube and Twitch to get your seat for the Gameplay First Look, and follow Palia on Twitter (@playPalia), Instagram (@playpalia), and TikTok (@playpalia) for regular peeks.