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An enchanting world full of mystery

After disappearing thousands of years ago, humans have just begun to reappear across Palia.

As one of the newly reemerged humans, you will have to find your place in the world. Uncover the mysteries of humanity’s past or just live a simple life - you decide!

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Garden, fish, cook and so much more! Level up and gain new abilities and tools to succeed.

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Meet a loveable cast of unforgettable characters. Forge friendships or find romance - it’s up to you!

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Fun alone, but better together. No matter how progressed you are, you’ll always be able to play with friends.

A cozy world made for you



Palia is a massively-multiplayer community simulation game set in a brand new high fantasy world with elements of open world adventure games. It’s a cozy and welcoming world that we hope fans of the community sim genre will love for years to come.

In Palia, humans are the legendary race, having disappeared thousands of years ago at the height of their grandeur and mastery of magic. Nobody in the modern day knows why.

Until one day humans begin to appear all over the world.

As one of the newly re-emerged humans you’ll have to make yourself a new home in this friendly world, and forge a future for yourself and humanity.

Palia has a deep, evolving story that we plan on telling (with you!) for years to come.

We’re not ready to announce that just yet, but make sure you follow us on social media and join our Discord to be the first to know. And don’t forget to sign up for future tests too!

We don’t have a specific timeline for large scale tests, but may be running small scale tests and feedback sessions over the coming months. If you’re signed up, we’ll reach out through email to let you know if you’re selected for a test.

You can sign up for pre-launch-testing here on the game website. Make sure to fill out the additional survey for a greater chance to be selected!