Introducing Palia’s Refer A Friend Program!


You might have heard that Palia is “fun solo, but better together!” That’s why we put together the Refer A Friend program, where inviting friends to join you on your Palian adventures gives you exclusive rewards. Before you know it, you and your built-in party will be chopping trees, cooking meals, and building homes with some extra goodies to start you off!

What Is The Refer A Friend Program?

Starting today, you can refer up to 5 friends for 5 unique rewards.

Once your referred friend creates their account, you will receive your reward right to your in-game mailbox!

How Does The Refer A Friend Program Work?

You can start inviting your friends in 3 easy steps:

  • Create or log into your Palia account
  • Click “Refer a Friend” to find your unique referral link
  • Copy and send the unique link to your friends

Once your friend redeems that invite link, they’ll be able to make an account and join the fun! You will receive a reward for each friend (up to 5) who makes an account.

These rewards will be waiting for you in Palia once you get to join the Closed or Open Beta!

And, for each friend who creates their account using your invite link, they will receive their own gift: a Kilima Fruit Basket to welcome them home once they log into the game and complete the onboarding quest!

Tell Me More About These Rewards!

You’re right, we nearly forgot to tell you about the rewards! As each of your invited friends creates their account using your unique invite link, you will receive the following snazzy rewards:

Refer A Friend

  • Finding Friends Chapaa Hat
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Plush
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Outfit
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Fountain
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Glider Skin

Have a question about the Refer A Friend program? Check out our FAQ below!


How do I get my rewards?

After your friend successfully creates their account using your unique link, you will receive the reward connected to that friend in your in-game News inbox, which you can access from the player menu (see screenshot below). Please double check the inbox if you do not see your reward! Note that rewards may take up to 24 hours to deliver.

I didn’t receive a reward. What should I do?

Please check the following to make sure your Reward is on its way to you:

  • Did your friend successfully create an account?
  • Did your friend keep in the referral code from your unique link?
  • Did you double-check your News inbox in-game?
  • Have you tried re-logging into the game?
  • Have you allowed 24 hours for your Reward to arrive?

If you have tried all those steps and still can’t see your reward, please reach out to Player Support. Our swift and friendly staff will be happy to help!

I invited my friends in previous Alphas. Do these count towards this program?

Unfortunately, no. This program is only for new accounts starting from July 11. We hope you and your friends enjoyed playing in the Alpha together at that time!

How many referral rewards can I get?

There are 5 total rewards to be earned, one for each friend you refer who creates their account using your referral link.

Can I get more rewards if more than 5 friends create an account successfully?

Aren’t you popular! Unfortunately, the rewards are currently maxed at 5 invites, but feel free to invite more friends! Paila is even more fun with every friend you invite, which is its own reward!

Is there any other way to get these rewards?

The Refer A Friend program is the only opportunity we offer to get these particular rewards at this time.

I referred a friend, but the site didn’t update to reflect that my code has been redeemed!

If your friend has confirmed they redeemed your referral link and were able to create an account, please send a ticket to Player Support!

Is there a way for me to see the list of friends I’ve already referred?

No, but you can see your progress on your Accounts page when a friend has successfully created their account.

I play on PC, but my friend wants to play on Nintendo Switch when it releases this holiday season. Can I still refer them?

Yes! Once you’ve created your account, send a referral link to your friend so they can make their own account. Once the account is created, you’ll receive a reward. As soon as Palia launches on the Nintendo Switch, and your friend links their accounts across platforms, they will receive their complimentary Kilima Fruit Basket.

What does my referred friend get?

You won’t be the only one who gets a reward! Your referred friend will receive a Kilima Fruit Basket in their News inbox, via the in-game mailbox. Please note that the item will be delivered after they complete the early game onboarding.

Does my referred friend receive any of the 5 rewards?

They do not receive any of the 5 referral rewards for redeeming your code; but they’re warmly welcome to send their own code to 5 more friends to get all the Refer A Friend rewards and start building your very own Palia community!

Can I also receive the Kilima Fruit Basket when I refer friends?

While you cannot receive the welcome Kilima Fruit Basket that your referred friend receives, you will eventually be able to craft the basket later in-game based on your own progress.

When will this program end?

We do not currently plan to end or change the Refer A Friend program. If we do decide to make any changes to the program – including setting an end date or changing the referral rewards – we will be sure to provide updates throughout the community via Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Palia blog.

Want to chat more about the Refer a Friend program? Be sure to join our Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to connect with the Palia community!