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A Warm New Welcome to Palia!

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Welcome home!

Welcome, all new players coming on Nintendo Switch!

To make settling into Kilima Village a little easier, we’ve collected some of our favorite tips and tricks from developers and long-time players. If you’re looking for more, feel free to head over to our Discord Server to meet more Palians, ask some questions, and find some friends to play with!

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Getting Started

  • Follow through the initial quest to get all your workbench and tools to start your life in Palia.
  • Setting up your garden is a good way to start making gold in the early part of the game.
  • Insects, Fish, and Hunting drops can all be sold for extra cash in the shipping bin outside your house or selling it at the General Store in Kilima Village.
  • Keep an eye on your Focus Bar to make sure you’re still getting experience as you run around and craft things - if your focus level drops, remember to eat something!
  • Remember to check out the Social Menu to keep up with your friends, the Quest Menu to track your quest progress, and the News Menu for any updates or referral rewards you might receive!
  • Need a little help finding a resource? No problem! Use the Request Menu to ask anyone on your server - or to send extra resources to other players and pay it forward!
  • Not sure where your tent or housing blueprints went? Check out the Housing Menu to edit and reorganize your housing plot.

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Meeting at the Inn

Meeting the Villagers

  • Villagers all have different likes and dislikes, which are important to know if you want to give them gifts.
  • Each villager has their own schedule and will move around town, including going to sleep! Don’t worry if you have an active quest if they are asleep, you can still talk to them.
  • If you shop at Zeki’s General Store, he’ll send you a lucky coin once every earthly day to use in Zeki’s Wondrous Machine. I wonder what prizes you can win!
  • Most importantly - You can pet Tau and be his friend. This is extremely important, please be Tau’s friend.

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Discovering the World

  • When it comes to Insect Catching and Fishing, it’s all about timing and location - different bugs and fish come out at different times of day and night, and might be found in different parts of Kilima Village or Bahari Bay.
  • There are treasure chests scattered around Kilima Village and Bahari Bay - some in really hard to reach places.
  • Starstones drop from all sorts of different mineable rocks and ore. Try to collect them all!
  • Need to go home quickly after a day of adventuring? Use the return home button to get home quickly on the Map Menu!

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Hope these early tips help! We hope you have fun exploring all there is to see in Palia. If you have any questions or want to share any tips and tricks of your own, head on over to our Discord Server to join the community conversation. We can’t wait to meet you!

From all of us at Singularity 6,
Welcome Home.