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Patch 0.180 Notes


Grand Harvest House

At a Glance

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  • Give your home a major upgrade by unlocking the Grand Harvest House, utilizing Building Blocks, and adding in some Pavers to create some walkways! 🏠
  • Add some adorable insect plushies to your home today! 🐞 Or perhaps build out a library of BOOKS! 📚
  • Enjoy Friendship Level 5 Quests with Jina, Hekla, and Einar. 🔍
  • Roleplayers rejoice! Chat bubbles are now here! 💬
  • Hotpot is now a permanent addition in the Underground Black Market. 🍜
  • New ways to elevate your look! 💅🌸🦊⛏️
  • …and so much more! Seriously, check it out. 😁

Table of Contents

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0.180.1 Hotfix

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Players should see a much reduced incidence of an “Attempting to reconnect to chat…” message in the text chat.
  • Players should now be able to complete the Fruits of the Earth bundle in Vault of the Roots.
  • Tish will now stick around longer when chatting with her while she is walking around Kilima.

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New Features & Updates

Friendship Level 5 Quests are now available for the following villagers: Jina, Hekla, and Einar.

  • ⚠️Naturally, you will need to reach Friendship Level 4 before you can proceed.
  • Completing each quest will also grant an exclusive decor reward at the end of the questline.

Now available: The Grand Harvest House!🏛️

Ready to bring your home to the next level? Literally?! You can now purchase the Grand Harvest House, which features a second story, a spiral staircase indoors, and a porch area at the front.


  • You can purchase the blueprints for the Grand Harvest House at the City Hall store.
  • ⚠️It takes 1 hour and 36 minutes of real-time to build.
  • While you can have both a Harvest House and Grand Harvest House, they cannot connect to each other.

Q: Are you able to expand out more rooms or have other additions to the second story of the house? A: Not at the moment, but we’re definitely looking to add more options in future updates!

Let your creativity run wild with the new Building Blocks system!

BuildingBlocks1 R-logo

This is for all the Palians who need that extra flexibility that existing building add-ons don’t quite have. You can now use a variety of shapes to build structures, sort of like blocks. Hence the name!

“We love being surprised by the delightful new ways our community has managed to turn the decoration they collect into new and interesting configurations, so we wanted to give players even more options! Keep your eyes on future patches as we look to add more styles for even more options.” - S6 Aidan

The following items are now available:

  • Builder’s Small Wood Crate
  • Builder’s Large Wood Crate
  • Builder’s Wood Floor
  • Builder’s Wood Pillar
  • Builder’s Wood Ramp
  • Builder’s Wood Wall
  • Builder’s Small Stone Crate
  • Builder’s Large Stone Crate
  • Builder’s Stone Floor
  • Builder’s Stone Pillar
  • Builder’s Stone Ramp
  • Builder’s Stone Wall

⚠️Building Blocks have a limit of 1,000 pieces (which falls under the max limit of 3,000 total decor).

Books? Books. As in, you can now collect and add books as placeable decor.

Books R v2

The following items are now available:

  • Caleri's Choice Book - This book is magical, in that its appearance changes whenever you place it!
  • Astronomer's Tome
  • Majiri Dictionary
  • Bird-Spotting Manual
  • Adventure Novel
  • Embossed Tome
  • Handmade Guide
  • Poetic Anthology
  • Architectural Treatise
  • Romance Novel
  • Navigator's Notebook

You can obtain all of them from a new register located at the Kilima Village Library. Caleri is thankful for your patronage and support of literature. 🙇

Pavers have been added to the game. 🛣️

Pathways Registered (1)

The wait is now over! You can now create paths and walkways with several Pavers we’ve added to the game. The following items are now available:

  • Square Concrete Paver
  • Wood Plank Paver
  • Sandstone Flagstone Paver
  • Terracotta Paver
  • Wood Slab Paver
  • Round Concrete Paver

Recipes can be obtained from Badruu’s Crop Store. Badruu loves anything that can be put in or on the ground!


Muujin and certain Insects will now drop plushies at a low chance.

The following items can be obtained from hunting their respective Muujin:

  • Muujin Plush
  • Banded Muujin Plush
  • Bluebristle Muujin Plush

180 MuujinPlushies R

The following items can be obtained from catching their respective Insect:

  • Garden Ladybug Plush
  • Lunar Fairy Moth Plush
  • Proudhorned Beetle Plush
  • Lantern Bug Plush

180 BugPlushies R

White Picket Fence recipes are now available at Tish’s store.

The following items are now available:

  • White Picket Fence
  • White Picket Swing Fence
  • White Picket Double Gates

Chat Bubbles are in!🗯️

  • Messages typed in chat can now show up as chat bubbles above the player.
  • This will work for any chat channel (whisper, nearby, server, etc.) so long as you are able to see the player on your screen.
  • You can turn off/on Chat Bubbles in settings, as well as a number of other options such as text size and opacity.

180 PaliaChatBubbles (1)

You can now play the Hotpot minigame at the Underground Black Market!

How Zeki managed to find and install several of these hotpot tables remains a secret with him, it seems.

  • ⚠️Note: Instead of tickets, players can earn some gold with each round.
  • Hotpot is available during Underground Market hours (6pm to 3am Palian Time)

180 Hotpot 2 R v3

Improvements & Adjustments

Muujin will now carry over their health even after escaping.

Previously, their health would be reset to full.

Party members will now share loot for most gathering activities.

Players who are near their party members will now receive loot for actions their party members did - so if your friend can one-shot a Sernuk, you’ll share in on the loot. In addition, the loot dropped will be the same across each player. Yes, that includes Plushies! Skills this change applies to:

  • Woodcutting
  • Mining
  • Insect Catching
  • Hunting

[PC] Additional graphics settings have been added.

  • Note: A static image preview will overlay to help you test out certain options.
  • We are also working to add more to the Switch as well in a future update.

[Switch] Other player character models that are not fully rendered will now have a “ghost” silhouette as a better indication of their presence

Economy Updates

In case you missed it, we outlined several details and the reasoning behind these changes in our latest Dev Note that you can read here. These changes are aimed at improving the onboarding experience for new players at the earlier stages of the game and to make the value of engaging in each of the gathering skills more equitable.

The limits to Gold and Renown have been increased.

  • Gold Limit: 300,000 Gold → 999,999 Gold
  • Renown Limit: 1,000 → 9,999 Renown

A few quests have had their Gold and Renown rewards increased.

Drop chances for decor and plushies from Zeki’s Machine have been increased.

The Gold earned from gathering skills (Foraging, Insect Catching, Hunting, and Fishing) have been rebalanced for more even distribution.

The sell value for most Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary items have been adjusted—with a majority being increased.

That said, for Mining, the sell values for Starstones have been reduced so the skill is more in-line with other gathering skills in terms of overall earning potential.

Examples (by Base Sell Value) include:

  • Jewelwing Dragonfly: 350 Gold → 440 Gold
  • Shimmerfin: 130 Gold → 315 Gold
  • Azure Chappa Tail: 350 Gold → 705 Gold

Over half of all furniture decor and crafter recipes have been adjusted to cost less in terms of requirements.

Overall, we targeted recipes that felt overly costly and brought them closer to average values. As mentioned in the Dev Update, about 50% of Worktable recipes have changed, with over 85% of those having their recipe costs reduced.

Examples include:

  • Kilima Bench: Sapwood Plank x35 → x20
  • DragonTide Wardrobe: Flow-Infused Plank x40 → x30, Palium Bar x6 → x4
  • Bellflower Grand Fountain: Stone Brick x100 → x40, Palium Bar x6 (unchanged)

The time it takes to craft Silver and Gold Bars have been reduced.

  • Silver Bar Crafting Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes → 9 minutes
  • Gold Bar Crafting Time: 3 hours, 53 minutes → 18 minutes
  • (⚠️The times above are for the Basic Smelter.)

The amount of Gold in both Kilima Village and Bahari Bay treasure chests have been increased across the board.

⚠️Note: This is not retroactive for those who have collected all the chests, but the intention is to benefit new and early-game players to help them get started.

We’ve removed more common drops such as Stone and Sapwood from Rummage Piles.

Goodbye, single Stone!

Amber will now drop at a chance when you chop trees.

As part of our Economy Update, trees will now have a rare chance to drop amber to help incentivize this Skill as a means to earn some gold.

The following items are now available:

  • Oak Amber
  • Birch Amber
  • Juniper Amber
  • Pine Amber

Some additional details:

  • Each amber will drop from their respective tree (so Birch Amber from Birch trees, etc.), and all sell for 350 Gold.
  • It’s possible for Amber to drop from planted Trees in the housing plot as well!

All Flow-Infused Wood drops have been increased.

Generally speaking, the amount of Flow-Infused Wood obtained will scale better based on the size of the tree.

The cost to purchase the Copper Storage upgrade has been decreased.

  • Upgrade Cost: 25,000 Gold → 10,000 Gold

You will now receive free buildings for reaching specific levels in the Furniture-Making Skill early on.

Level Reward
2 Small Room
3 Kilima Porch
4 Fireplace Addon
5 Medium Room
6 Kilima Bay Window
7 Kilima Pavilion
8 Large Room

⚠️Note: This is retroactive, and returning players will receive the rewards via the Mail.

Several Buildings have had their cost and build times significantly reduced.

Name Before After
Harvest House 8 hours 30 seconds
Grand Harvest House N/A 1 hour, 36 minutes
Kilima Door 1 hour 5 minutes
Kilima Bay Window 1 hour 8 minutes
Fireplace Addon 2 hours 22 minutes
Small Room 4 hours 24 minutes
Medium Room 6 hours 36 minutes
Large Room 8 hours 42 minutes
Narrow Hallway Section 2 hours 18 minutes
Windmill 2 hours 10 minutes
Kilima Porch 1 hour 12 minutes
Gazebo 4 hours 36 minutes
Kalima Pavilion 4 hours 21 minutes
Kilima Courtyard 4 hours 1 hour, 12 minutes

*Note, the time displayed in the table is in real-time (not Palian time).

The price to purchase each Gardening Plot has been reduced.

Apples and Blueberries have been adjusted to buff HarvestBoost instead of SpeedyGro.

Some changes to Worm Farms and Fertilizers have been made.

  • SpeedyGro Fertilizer will no longer be obtained by Glow Worm Farms, but will still be available for Gardening Medals at the Gardening Guild Store.
  • The output for Worm Farms has been streamlined.
  • By default, most items will result in HarvestBoost Fertilizer.
  • However, inputting items classified as “sweet” or “dessert” will result in QualityUp Fertilizer.
  • The output for Glow Worm Farms has been streamlined.
  • By default, most items will result in HarvestBoost Fertilizer (no change).
  • However, inputting items classified as “sweet” or “dessert” will result in QualityUp Fertilizer.
  • Purchasing SpeedyGro and HarvestBoost from the Gardening Guild Store will grant 50 (up from 20) pieces now

Players will now receive free seeds for reaching specific levels in the Gardening Skill early on.

Level Reward
2 Carrot x4, Onion x5
3 Cotton x4, Wheat x5
4 Potatoes x5, Rice x4
5 Tomatoes x4, Corn x5
6 Spicy Pepper x1, Cabbage x3, Bok Choy x2
7 Spicy Pepper x1, Potato x5
8 Blueberry x1, Rice x3, Cotton x2
9 Blueberry x1, Bok Choy x5
10 Apple x1

⚠️Note: This is not retroactive.

Premium Store Updates

The Flutterfox Pet is now available for purchase. 🦊

There are five of them: Leafy Flutterfox, Spring Flutterfox, Autumn Flutterfox, Summer Flutterfox, and Winter Flutterfox. Each individual pet can be purchased for 850 Palia Coins.

180 Flutterfox

Three Tool Skins are now available for purchase. ⚒️

180 Set ToolSkin LeafyWeave

180 Set ToolSkin Empyreal

180 Set ToolSkin SpringSakura

Choose from Empyreal, Leafy Weave, and Spring Sakura.

  • The Leafy Weave tool skin set can be purchased for 425 Palia Coins.
  • Each of the Empyreal and Spring Sakura tool skin sets can be purchased for 850 Palia Coins.
  • A set includes skins for 6 tools, and you can mix and match if you unlock multiple!

You can preview and equip purchased Tool Skins in the Collections menu.

Three New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store, available immediately.

180 Set FemmeFatale01

180 Set PalcatEnthusiast01

180 Set Sakura01

Bundle Name Outfit Names Pieces Price (Per Outfit/Bundle)
Femme Fatale Vampiric Hat, One-piece 2550 Palia Coins
Sakura Spring
Hat, One-piece 2550/6375 Palia Coins
Palcat Pal Sandy
Hat, Top, Bottom 1700/3400 Palia Coins

180 PalCatPal Patchnotes Gif 1 (1)

Would you like to be naughty or nice?

✨The Femme Fatale includes extra fiery effects when you run and idle. Clock in for your vigilante shift with this outfit. 💅

✨The Sakura outfit comes with a mystical floral effect when you idle. 🌸

180 Sakura Patchnotes Gif 2 (1)

A Premium Glider is now available for purchase.

The Flying Palcat Glider offers a plush flying experience, with beautiful bows, and can be purchased for 1275 Palia Coins.

180 palia-palcatplushglider-R (1)

Pick up the Playful Paws Bundle today!

This bundle includes the following items for a discounted price of 3400 Palia Coins:

  • Snowy Palcat Pal Outfit
  • Spring Flutterfox
  • Flying Palcat Glider

It’ll be available until June 6, 2024, 8am PST/3pm UTC.

And don’t forget — if this is your first purchase, you’ll also get all three Palcat pets included as a bonus! 🐱

180 palia-palcatplushbundle-R (1)

Two Outfit Bundles will be added to the Premium Store, available starting on June 11th, but you can preview them in the Wardrobe now.

Bundle Name Outfit Names Pieces Price (Per Outfit/Bundle)
Spice Supplier Dune Drifter
Space Searcher
Wave Wanderer
Hat, Top, Bottom 1700/3400 Palia Coins
Butter Flyer Painted Lady
Dreamy Duskywing
Peacock Pansy
Hat, Facemask, Top, Bottom 1275/2550 Palia Coins

✨The Spice Supplier arrives in time for you to check out the sand dunes, worms optional.

180 Cosmetics Wave B

Top Bug Fixes

Pattern Line 02_Short

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all fixed issues.


  • Fixed some cases when players would get locked up while cooking.
    • Note: We’re aware this might not address every instance, so please continue sending more details for our devs to investigate if you run into this!
  • The Pebbled Plunder accomplishment has been tweaked to unlock more consistently.
    • You will also be able to see what pebbles you’ve already collected as you progress.


  • Fixed some instances in which players were unable to send chat messages and/or see new ones being sent.
    • However, we are aware there are some overlapping bugs and this issue may still persist for some players.

Maps & World

  • Re-aligned some decorative spring decor throughout Kilima Village to be better positioned.
  • [Switch] Fixed an issue where players may sometimes freeze and/or crash while near Tamala’s House in Bahari Bay.

Housing & Decor

  • Removed the unintentional collision that was applied to some plantable Flowers.

Premium Cosmetics

  • The flower crown from the Folk Flowers outfit should now remain attached to your character when you move.

Top Known Issues

Pattern Line 02_Short

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all known issues.

Emerging Known Issues as of May 28

  • Selecting “Equip Outfit” after purchasing a tool skin from the Premium Store does not currently equip said tool skin.
    • ⚠️Please head to the “Collections” menu to equip each skin to the relevant tool.
  • Some players are experiencing issues collecting the loot bags dropped by hunting creatures.
  • Some players are having issues acquiring one-time only pebbles for the “Pebbled Plunder” quest.

New to 0.180

  • Friend and item requests may sometimes not appear until the receiving player logs back in or changes servers.

Other Issues

  • We’re aware of an increase of huntable creatures getting stuck, teleporting, glitching out, and other pathing issues.
  • Planted Trees may appear on different housing plots after they have grown.
  • The player character may have fixed expressions when using emotes.
    • As a workaround, this can be reset by going in and out of the Collections menu.
  • We’re aware that some players are experiencing issues completing the “Prove Your Devotion” quest requirement to “Plant five wild trees on your plot”.