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Patch 0.174 Notes

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A Festive Flair is in the Air!

You are just in time for the special Winterlights celebration taking place in Kilima Village! Everyone is invited, and we are happy to introduce the first half of the holiday content prepared for all Palians to enjoy. That’s right: expect ✨two patches✨ full of holiday cheer to enjoy as we round out the rest of the year. This is our gift to you, our dedicated players! Read on below to unwrap what we’ve got to share. 💝

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At a Glance

  • The Winterlights celebration has arrived in Kilima Village! 🎄
  • Fill your home with holiday cheer using the new Winter decor set. 🫎
  • Dedicated regional servers have been added for Asia-Pacific! 🌏

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New Features & Updates

Celebrate Winterlights together with the villagers!

Every year around this time, the Majiri gather together and celebrate the convergence of light for the Winter season. We welcome all Palians to join them! Kilima Village has been updated to welcome in the festivities! 🎁

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A special Winterlights questline has been added.

  • The quest begins with a letter — make sure to check your mailbox!
    • 12/07/2023 Edit ⚠️Note: To start, it will require completion of all 3 quests: Prove Your Devotion, Prove Your Purpose, and Prove Your Generosity
  • As you talk to each villager, you’ll be receiving a special tree ornament, as is tradition. Can you collect them all?

Gifts have been left all around Palia in Treasure Chests left behind by “Sandy Paws.” 🎅

  • Looks like a certain Grimalkin wants to participate in the festivities!
  • These chests can be found while exploring Palia, and some while fishing.

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Gifts stolen by chapaas are available for you to reclaim!

  • These Chapaa Nests look a little different from Rummage Piles, but contain even more valuables.
  • These are only available during the Winterlights celebration, so get them while you can!

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Set up your very own decorated tree with the new Winter decor set! 🎄

Bring the spirit of Winterlights to your own home with recipes earned from the quest and found around the world with this holiday update.

24 decor pieces have been added, including:

  • Winterlights Tree, Winterlights Tree Topper, Winterlights Bell Ornament, Winterlights Candle Ornament, Winterlights Wood Ornament, Winterlights Ball Ornament
  • Winterlights Snowshoes, Winterlights Skates Decor, Winterlights Mitten Decor, Winterlights Stockings, Winterlights Trinket Decor, Winterlights Coat Rack, Winterlights Antler Mount, Winterlights Gold Wreath, Winterlights Silver Wreath
  • Winterlights Charcuterie, Winterlights Gold Plate, Winterlights Silver Plate
  • Jolly Ormuu Rug, Snowy Ormuu Rug, Jolly Chapaa Rug, Snowy Chapaa Rug, Let it Snowflake Wallpaper, Jolly Holly Wallpaper

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You can decorate your Winterlights tree using ornaments received from villagers.

The Character Screen has been updated to match the holiday spirit!

174 6

Asia-Pacific servers have been added!

We continue with our goal of bringing Palia to as many players all around the world as possible. Welcome home! 🌏

For more information on what a new server entails, we answered some FAQs in our 0.171 Patch Notes when EU servers were added.


The cost for the final upgrades for the Backpack and Storage have both been reduced.

  • Deluxe Backpack: 50,000 → 25,000 Gold
  • Iron Storage Chest: 100,000 → 50,000 Gold

The Emote Wheel has been updated, and you can now equip an additional emote!

  • Number of supported emotes: 7 → 8

This update to the Emote Wheel now makes it more in line with the newly updated Tool Wheel, in which there is better support for an 8-directional control. We also hope this helps with those using controllers!


Using controllers for the PC has gotten some improvements.

  • There is now an option in the Settings menu to turn on “Camera Assist” when using the controller.
    • When moving left or right, the camera will slowly turn in the same direction.
  • We’ve shifted some various default controller settings, such as Inventory: Y → Start, Sprint: Left Joystick → Y toggle, etc.
  • There is now a slight aim assist that is enabled when hunting using a controller.

Premium Store Updates

A Premium Glider Skin is now available for purchase.

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  • The Festive Wreath Glider can be purchased for 850 Palia Coins.


I saw some more features shown in the Dev Update? Where is it?

As mentioned, the holiday content is being spread across two full patches! That’s how much we have in store for everyone. Please be on the lookout for the next patch, 0.175, as well! 🎁

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Bug Fixes

Our devs fixed over 80!! known issues this patch cycle - we're thinking of making our own brand of bug spray! 🐞 Here are some worth celebrating listed below.

  • For players that completed accomplishments but didn't receive rewards, they should now receive an unlock notification when they login and receive the rewards! -- For players that saw discrepancies on the accomplishment screen for items that were acquired, the screen will now show what the game is aware of accurately. In many cases, players may need to re-acquire an item to mark it off. -- In all cases - we've addressed multiple possible failure points to make this experience more reliable going forward. -- Thank you all for your patience on this matter!
  • Fixed an issue where, when exiting out of Jel's mirror, even without committing to any changes, it would start the cooldown regardless.
  • Fixed an issue where chopping during cooking could show as failed, even when hitting the correct timing.
  • If Badruu and Delaila are both in Delaila’s Private Space, they’ve given up on keeping the players out - you should now be able to crash their parties.
  • Climbing should be much smoother - fixed many places where climbing was a bit rough!
  • Fixed an issue where items in the world could lose their interaction prompt after walking up to them many times in a row. Enjoy touching all the things.
  • The Chapaa Craze Hat, Chapaa Craze Hoodie, Plant Parent hoodie, and Outdoorsy hoodie’s flavor text has all been scrubbed clean and should no longer subtly threaten the player.
  • Solid objects should now behave more consistently, and some invisible barriers have been broken down.
  • Fixed an issue where, sometimes, when you place a crop in a Preserves Jar, it did not go into the intended Jar.
  • Fixed an issue where players who are in the same community OR in the same server who sent each other friend requests were able to see location information (such as where one player is currently located in the world) in the social panel.
  • The ESC key should now close the Repair Anvil as well as a few other menus.
  • When completing the final puzzle in the Fire Temple, players should no longer become stuck.
  • Friends in the Social Panel are relieved, and no longer shocked by all these Emerging Known Issues! Smiling friends are back, baby!

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Top Known Issues

Disclaimer: These are only a select few issues of many we’re aware of! For troubleshooting on common technical issues, please visit our Player Support page.

⚠️A game crash will occur when using the right+click function in the chat window.

  • We recommend cycling your chat with the ‘Tab’ key.
  • To access Mute, Block, and Kudos, please use the social panel using the ‘O’ key shortcut.

⚠️ When fishing in some places of Bahari Bay, the fishing rod will always “longcast”, and players may not be able to see the fishing UI.

⚠️ Interacting with the Wardrobe while your character is stuck in the “missing textures & T-posing” appearance will cause your character to reset/change appearances permanently.

  • You should now be able to re-customize in Jel’s shop to reset your character’s look!

⚠️ Some players are experiencing a blank screen when attempting to purchase Palia Coins.

  • While we’ve been able to identify some of this issue, some players may still see this persist. Thank you for your patience on this one!

Finally: We know localization is not up to our quality bar, and are taking active steps to improve the experience in many languages. This is an ongoing process, and we're sorry that we haven't lived up to your expectations or our promise to you, our players.

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Recently Added Known Issues

This section was updated December 5th.

  • The payment selection screen doesn't load on first entering store.

  • The Spooky Moon Store may still be accessible.

  • When requesting an item in the Requests panel, the glow that signifies a selected request may remain after closing the panel. Opening the tab again may cause the game to crash.

  • The Flooded Fortress may trigger the “deep water” teleport in shallow water.

  • If a photo is uploaded to your Album, opening the Recent Photos from the camera will cause the 'Save' button to show in gray, and unable to be clicked.