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Patch 0.173 Notes

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173 Feature 📸Screenshot taken by Zehany

A New Visitor Joins Palia!

Someone special is coming to Kilima Village, and looks like her carriage has already been sighted in the distance! This patch marks the first time in Open Beta that we’ll be introducing a brand-new character — please give a big welcome to Subira, a Watcher from the Order. 🔍 Several features mentioned in our previous Dev Blogs, including Flow Tree Groves and a new huntable creature, the Muujin, are also arriving with this patch. Read more for details!

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At a Glance

  • A member of the Order, Subira, has arrived at Kilima Village! 🥳
  • Flow Tree Groves will now appear as an event in Bahari Bay. 🌲
  • The Muujin — a tree-scaling huntable creature, has been added! 🦝
  • Sitting, on chairs, now in Palia!🪑

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New Features & Updates

Someone new has come to Kilima…meet Subira! 🕵️

173 Subira With strange events such as the re-appearance of humans happening in Kilima, the Order has sent a Watcher to investigate things. This is a big moment for all the Kilima villagers!

A special, limited time questline has been added that covers Subira’s arrival at Kilima Village.

  • ⚠️Note: To start, it will require completion of all 3 quests: Prove Your Devotion, Prove Your Purpose, and Prove Your Generosity

Something we’ve always envisioned for Palia was a story that developed alongside our players. And truly make it impactful, we knew that it had to be evolving. Subira’s arrival will be a series of quests that will be available for a set period, and then be updated as the next chapter in the main storyline is added. Rest assured — it’ll likely be a long time before the next update happens as we want to give players plenty of time to explore the content. We will announce well ahead of time when the story will be updated, and all rewards obtained with these quests will be available through evergreen methods, so anyone joining afterwards will never have to miss out on items.

“Palia is an evolving, immersive world. If a new human arrives in Palia a year from now, it will be a different world. One that was shaped by you, the players here today. Subira is just arriving in Kilima now, but what’s next in her journey? What’s next in your journey? Let’s find out together.” - S6 EmbrasAshes

2 new areas are now available in the world: Subira’s Suite, and a special secret location.

What to see what they look like? Follow along with the questline to find out! 👀

Rep your allegiance with a new furniture set: The Order.

173 OrderFurnitureSet

  • 9 decor pieces have been added: Investigator Banner, Investigator Armchair, Investigator Desk, Investigator End Table, Investigator Bed, Investigator Sideboard, Investigator Rug, Investigator Doormat, Investigator Runner
  • You can unlock 6 recipes as you progress in Subira’s storyline!
  • 3 items can be found the Underground Market!
    • 12/5/23 Update: ⚠️ We're aware of an issue where the items may not be appearing, and will fix this in a future update.

Four new Cooking recipes are now available!

173 Food

  • The following have been added: Petit Fives, Oysters Akwindu, Muujin Bahari, and Congee
  • All recipes are unlocked as you progress in the quests with Subira’s arrival, and they all have a role in the story! 🍚

Not to give too much away, but any chef looking for a challenge should definitely check out Muujin Bahari as their next meal! 👀

A special event can now occur in Bahari Bay — the appearance of Flow Tree Groves.🌲

With both the Water and Fire Temples unlocked, the concentration of Flow has increased, leading to this mystical phenomenon in the world.

173 FlowTreeGroves

  • Flow Tree Groves will appear on the map once per in-game day.
  • Up to 2 Flow Tree Groves can exist at a given time. If there are two already existing on the map, more will not spawn.

As mentioned in our Sep. Dev Update, we wanted to come up with a solution that addresses the feedback about limited Flow Tree availability, while also adding in another opportunity for more cooperative content in the game. You can consider Flow Tree Groves as our first take on recurring map-level events, and we look forward to seeing Palians experience it firsthand in the game!

A new huntable creature has been spotted: the Muujin.

173 Muujin

  • You can find these creatures in areas of Bahari Bay dense with foliage — they love to hide in trees!
  • There are 3 types of Muujins: the regular Muujin, the Banded Muujin, and the Bluebristle Muujin.
  • 4 new drops have been added: Muujin Meat, Muujin Mane, Banded Muujin Mane, Bluebristle Muujin Mane
  • 2 new Hunting Accomplishments have also been added.

We really look forward to seeing players party up and figure out the best strategy to tackle these new creatures.

“You might be in for a surprise if one manages to jump into a Flow Tree.” - S6 Forseti

Twenty new wallpapers have been added that each correlate to a respective villager and their Starpath.

173 StuccoWallpaper

  • Standard Stucco Wall
  • Light Amethyst Stucco Wall, Royal Amethyst Stucco Wall
  • Steel Sapphire Stucco Wall, Dark Sapphire Stucco Wall
  • Blushing Ruby Stucco Wall
  • Sandy Citrine Stucco Wall, Sunset Citrine Stucco Wall
  • Smoky Quartz Stucco Wall, Cloudy Quartz Stucco Wall
  • Leafy Emerald Stucco Wall, Mossy Emerald Stucco Wall
  • Icy Aquamarine Stucco Wall, Sea Aquamarine Stucco Wall
  • Peachy Garnet Stucco Wall, Wine Garnet Stucco Wall, Rosy Garnet Stucco Wall
  • Inky Onyx Stucco Wall
  • Earthy Jasper Stucco Wall, Sunny Jasper Stucco Wall

We hope these wallpapers can serve as a nice “beginner” set of options for you to decorate your home with. Villagers will reward you with a wallpaper when you gift them for the first time — they’ll even appear and welcome you at your housing plot!

⚠️Note: (Updated 11/21 1:15pm PT) If you have gifted villagers prior to this update, they might be showing up to your housing plot already! So don't be surprised if the welcome wagon parade appears right at your front gates. 🥰

PSA: Star Quality Ruined Food can now be placed as decor.

173 StarRuinedFood

Surely this was the feature everyone was waiting for!

You can now interact and sit with various chairs and couches on your housing plot!

173 Sitting Okay, here’s the actual feature people have been waiting for. Yup. This is it. This is the patch where Sit Tech™ has finally been added to the game, and we’re just getting started!🪑

The Workbench will now automatically scroll to the last recipe you crafted when accessing it again.

For example, if you were crafting a Ravenwood Flower Planter, then opened the workbench to craft again, it will now automatically scroll back down to that recipe! 🙌

The mysterious pumpkins that have appeared in Kilima have also mysteriously...disappeared. 🎃

And guess what’s around the corner…? Snow! You can expect more details in our next Dev Update Coming Soon™


The values of the following Starstones will be adjusted:

  • Ruby: 8000 → 4000 Gold
  • Amethyst: 3000 → 2000 Gold
  • Sapphire: 2000 → 1500 Gold

As we evaluated the impact of Starstones being added in since the last patch, we’ve decided to make the following adjustments. As always, we’ll continue to assess and adjust things in a way that feels right for both our players now and for the long-term health of the game.

Ongoing Work for Controller Support: Tool Wheel

As we work on controller support in Palia, we have to update a few areas of the game to be friendly for the input method of your choice. Our tool wheel and emote wheel had a center option which allowed quick selecting of a tool. This felt great for a mouse, however, when you do the same movement using a controller, letting go of the analogue stick will snap back to the center.

This small difference made our tool and emote wheels feel clumsy on a controller, which led us to start digging into how we can improve it.

  • We’ve given this a new coat of paint, increasing the number of slots while also making unequip more accessible to all players.
  • When a tool is equipped, quickly tap on the tool wheel button to unequip your tool.
  • After unequipping a tool, tap the tool wheel button to re-equip the previously equipped tool.
  • Unequipping tools is still supported on the mouse+keyboard (the X key).
  • Look forward to a corresponding update to the Emote wheel in an upcoming patch!

ToolWheelv2 (1)


  • There is now a sensitivity slider for Hunting that controls the speed of the camera movements when aiming.

Premium Store Updates

Three New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store.

173 Cosmetics

  • Featured Outfit: The Royal Strategist Bundle (1700/Outfit, 3400/For all 3) includes Checkmate, Queen’s Gambit, and En Passant outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat accessory, a top, and bottom.
  • The Street Skater Bundle (1275/Outfit, 2550/For all 3) includes Vivid Valley, Proudhorn, and Gritty Graffiti outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat accessory, a top, and bottom.
  • The River Guardian Bundle (1275/Outfit, 2550/For all 3) includes Batik, Koi, and Moth outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a hat accessory, a top and bottom.

Three Premium Glider Skins are now available for purchase.

173 Glider

  • The Emberborn, Dragontide, and Ravenwood gliders can be purchased for 425 Palia Coins each, or 850 Palia Coins for all 3.

In trying to find something that would appeal to more players but still keep true to our promise of cosmetic-only offerings in the Premium Store, we’ve decided to add in Glider Skins. Now you can complete your full look by gliding in style! 🪂


Is Subira romanceable?

Woah, hold your horses! Subira just arrived in Kilima. Let’s see what she has to bring, and maybe romance will be in the cards for the future.

When the main story updates, what will change?

We can’t give full details yet, but we can share one clarifying note: Subira’s Friendship Quests are independent of the main story quests, so rest assured you’ll always be able to complete that at your own pace.

When will Accomplishments be fixed? I am still getting various issues related to them.

The state of Accomplishments is something that is very top of mind for us. We admit that it’s taken longer than desired for traction in this area, but have some plans we’d like to share very soon. Please expect more details in the upcoming Dev Blog!

Will Star Quality preserves, crops, Fishermen’s Brew and other items be placeable?

Star Quality Ruined Food is just the beginning! We’re definitely looking into it.

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Bug Fixes

Our devs fixed over 75 known issues this patch cycle - JEEPERS CREEPERS that’s a LOT of bugs! 🐞 Here are some worth celebrating listed below.

  • There have been many fixes around our issues with Achievements. While you may still see some bugginess, we’re hoping you’ll see much more consistent behavior with Accomplishments showing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where when players enter dialogue with a Villager, then go back into their store, the mouse cursor will still be onscreen.
  • Fixed an issue where party leaders could not kick party members or change party leaders.
  • Fixed a bug where some items were invisible when placed in your home, like Einar’s Shiny Pebble and Jina’s flowers.
  • We took away Ashura’s flow powers, and he is no longer teleporting from his morning workout routine straight to his fishing location at 10:15am Palia Time.
  • Fixed an issue where, when selecting the Pet tab, the Emotes menu appeared instead.
    Certain recipes, such as Apple Pie, and Chili Oil Dumplings, had some strange ingredients listed in their recipes. We’ve gotten a hold of the chapaa responsible, and the recipes should now read correctly.

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Top Known Issues

Disclaimer: These are only a select few issues of many we’re aware of! For troubleshooting on common technical issues, please visit our Player Support page.

⚠️ There are ongoing issues with Achievements, including darkened silhouettes for previously caught critters and rewards not being granted.

  • We definitely know how frustrating this is, and are working hard to get this complicated and interconnected issue solved as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience as we investigate! 🙏

⚠️ You may notice Elouisa has an exclamation mark appear over her head, but does not give a quest.

  • She will indicate you should go talk to Jina, but no quest is given, and Jina will have no idea what you're talking about. This is an early sneak peek at some upcoming quest content, but cannot currently be completed. Stay tuned!

⚠️A game crash will occur when using the right+click function in the chat window.

  • We recommend cycling your chat with the ‘Tab’ key.
  • To access Mute, Block, and Kudos, please use the social panel using the ‘O’ key shortcut.

⚠️ When fishing in some places of Bahari Bay, the fishing rod will always “longcast”, and players may not be able to see the fishing UI.

⚠️ Interacting with the Wardrobe while your character is stuck in the “missing textures & T-posing” appearance will cause your character to reset/change appearances permanently.

  • You should now be able to re-customize in Jel’s shop to reset your character’s look!

⚠️ Exiting out of Jel's mirror, even without committing to any changes, will start the cooldown regardless.

  • We know this cooldown can feel frustrating, especially if you would just like to “browse” before committing to any major changes - we’re working to get this resolved soon!

⚠️ Some players are experiencing a blank screen when attempting to purchase Palia Coins.

  • While we’ve been able to identify some of this issue, some players may still see this persist. Thank you for your patience on this one!

Finally: We know localization is not up to our quality bar, and are taking active steps to improve the experience in many languages. This is an ongoing process, and we're sorry that we haven't lived up to your expectations or our promise to you, our players.

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Expanded Known Issues List

Recently Added Known Issues

This section was updated November 20th.

  • Collections Emotes options reorganize while the player is adding emotes to their wheel.

  • The cooking minigames may appear on the right side of the screen, instead of in the center.

  • The cooking minigame may show as failed, even when hitting the correct timing.

  • The Voice options in Jel's mirror do not play back any sound.
    • However, your option will still be saved if you do choose to change your voice.

  • If Badruu and Delaila are both in Delaila’s Private Space, they seem to be locking the door to get a break from their work, and players cannot enter the space.

  • The inability to place Badruu's Lute (Friendship Level 4 Reward) was reported as fixed in the patch notes, but still is not placeable as a decor for certain players.

  • While being hunted, creatures may sometimes magically teleport around, then magically become unkillable and freeze in place. These are not boss monsters, this is a bug.

  • “Walk Up” Interaction prompts can disappear for items and in Jel’s shop, stopping the Player from Interacting with them.

  • Players may experience audio not being in sync with a cinematic playing.

  • Players may only be able to request items that they have interacted with during that specific play-session.
    • The requested items panel may also not show any items available to be requested.

  • A visual issue where playing in windowed mode, the Player Character is centered incorrectly in the Character Customization scene.

  • The Chapaa Craze Hat, Chapaa Craze Hoodie, Plant Parent hoodie, and Outdoorsy hoodie have some flavor text that's a little...not cozy. This isn't intended!

Around The World

  • Climbing is not always a smooth experience, especially around Pulsewater Plains and Hideaway Bluffs in Bahari Bay, and an area near Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Village. We also observe difficulty with climbing ivy.
    • There is long-term work being done to make all of climbing around Palia a better time!

  • You will find the occasional invisible barrier, or are able to walk through seemingly solid objects.

  • Stray gliders can be found scattered throughout the world. Sadly, this is not a new and unusual foragable.

  • There are a collection of visual errors where items will “fade” in and out of view as you approach.

  • There are areas where you might fall through the world, or get stuck in an unexpected corner.
    • Typing /unstuck, or using the Return Home button on your map, will free you.


  • The Whisper Chat defaults to yourself after exiting a Party.

  • Sometimes players can still send messages in Community chat after being kicked from the community.

  • There is no error message pop-up if you accidentally type an incorrect prompt in chat (for example, “/w” instead of “w/” to whisper).

  • All chat channels are toggled “on” by default in the Lobby.


  • Players will sometimes freeze when cooking.
    • You can workaround this by opening and closing the ‘H’ menu.


  • Sometimes, when you place a crop in a Preserves Jar, it does not go into the intended Jar. It instead is placed in the Preserves Jar adjacent to the one you placed it in.


  • When fishing near Einar, players will have to cast out very far to avoid the dock despite the fishing indicator being blue.

Friends, Parties, & Communities

  • Sometimes, Friend Requests do not appear in the social panel.

  • Players suddenly exiting the game (using Alt+F4 or crashing, for example), may still appear active and in a party despite no longer being online.

  • When a player blocks another player, the blocker is not removed from the blockee’s Social Panel Server section.

  • Friend requests that have been denied will reappear upon relog.

  • When in the Lobby screen, the ESC key and O shortcuts to access the social panel does not bring up the settings menu or toggle the state of the social panel.

  • Player’s list of “Offline” friends is not minimized or collapsed by default.
  • When in the Lobby screen, the Friend Request notification does not appear when receiving a friend request.

  • Players are allowed to send Community invitations, even if their Community is full. Remaining invites will also not rescind when a Community reaches capacity.

  • Your Party does not disband when there is one Party Member left after the Party Leader, or Member, leaves the game.

  • Players do not receive a chat notification message when someone joins a party.

  • Players do not receive a chat notification message when another player joins their neighborhood.

  • Players who are in the same community OR in the same server, who send each other friend requests, may see location information (such as where one player is currently located in the world) in the social panel.

  • Party invitations do not expire when a Party becomes full.

Housing & Furniture

  • When Housing Permissions are updated, all current visitors will receive the same notification about an individual’s permission changes.

Menus & Interface

  • The ESC key does not close the Repair Anvil as well as a few other menus. We are working on this for better consistency.

  • When selecting an option in the Settings menu, the pulldown menu does not show “highlights” for your selection unless you are hovering right over the available text.

Photo Mode

  • The camera function cannot be rebound from the "K" key.

  • Party UI does not appear/disappear if a player takes a photo in-game before joining or leaving a party.

Quests & Villagers

  • When completing the final puzzle in the Fire Temple, players might become stuck.
    • Relogging should resolve this issue, and you will be able to speak to Hassian to complete the quest.

  • The quest “Prove Your Devotion” is not accurately tracking the amount of Tree Seeds collected.

  • In Private spaces, NPCs are not standing on their expected target points, which could result in you catching Zeki jumping on his bed.

  • When completing the quest “Ancient Battery”, there is no text in the pop-up. There are no further steps you need to take!


  • Rescinding an expired Request does not work. These Requests will expire on their own after 2 hours.

  • Requested items from other players will not appear until you’ve changed servers.

Visual, Audio, & Animation Bugs

  • Friends in the Social Panel appear shocked by all these Emerging Known Issues! This is not intended.

  • The Focus tutorial does not pop up to guide new players through an explanation of their Focus bar.

  • UI buttons animate correctly but do not respond when clicked on their edges.

  • A visual issue where when playing with a smaller screen size, or in windowed mode, the clothing icons in the wardrobe display covers the “continue” button.

  • Terrain and foliage pop in and out during Welcome To Palia Cinematic.

  • There are a collection of visual errors where items or environments will “pop” in and out of view as you approach.

  • There are a handful of icons that do not match their item. This also applies to accomplishments rewards, like the Bug Catching accomplishments.

  • After using the bow or smoke bomb, players can sometimes lock into the hunting pose.

  • The Honey Lure animation does not loop properly.

  • There are two signs showing in the Housing Plot opening cinematic.

  • Collections Emotes options reorganize while the player is adding emotes to their wheel.

Wardrobe & Premium Store

  • Premium Store outfit thumbnails appear slightly greyed/muted in color until players hover over them.

  • When players are transitioned to the Wardrobe, or Dressing Room Menu, they see glimpses of a black screen with UI, terrain, and an empty wardrobe menu with ”No Matching Results”.
    • It will return to the expected appearance shortly after.

  • Hair Dye Patterns do not display a pattern in the UI. The swatches appear as blank circles.

  • Characters when previewing in Jel's mirror may appear small/zoomed out.

Thank you for reading this far! Please enjoy this leafpile of Palian festivities 🍁!