A Closer Look at the Palia Original Soundtrack


Hello Palians! I'm Steffen Schmidt, the composer of the music in Palia, and we're thrilled to announce that the Palia Original Soundtrack is now available to listen to digitally on most streaming services.

Palia OST Centered Square

Palia has been the culmination of a three-year journey writing for the cozy game genre that included integrating Palia’s evolving world story and the themes that are associated with the game’s narrative. I worked directly with our audio director Kevin Notar, who wanted to explore some intractable approaches to interactive music you usually do not see in an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game. I also work closely with our game director, Aidan, and the leads of many other teams to approve music for recording and placing into the game.

Palia OST Synchron Stage Vienna

In addition to having the wonderful pleasure of recording our score with orchestras at the legendary stages, Synchron Stage Vienna and Abbey Road Studios, I was able to integrate instruments from around the world including a place I call my second home, South Korea. I recorded both an orchestra in Seoul and some traditional Korean percussion for our special in-game event, the Maji Market. From the very beginning of the creative process, I wanted to create a memorable score that featured strong themes and music from around the world. Having that mindset from the beginning helped ensure we included a very diverse set of musician(s) and styles to create a fresh sound representative of what “Palian Music” would sound like.

Palia OST Janggu Recording BTS HyeGyong Byeon

Since the Beta release of our game, we’re so thrilled that our players have already enjoyed and noticed the intractable elements Kevin and I established. I feel confident that as our game continues on, players will continue to enjoy and relax to the music, both inside and outside the game, reminding them of the good times they have playing Palia with friends. Each track written into the game was creatively thought out based on the game context and many have personal stories behind them too. I poured my heart into each track and I hope our players will continue to enjoy the score whether they are running around Palia in-game with their friends or enjoying a cozy musical moment in real life.

Our soundtrack is available on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and most other streaming services. Please follow the links below to listen to our soundtrack!

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Immerse yourself in the music of Palia with these videos and download the sheet music for these tracks from our YouTube channel here:

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