Ring in the Luna New Year at the Maji Market

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LNY Wishing Tree

The hotpot is bubbling, the lanterns are lit, the chapaas are chirping, and that can only mean one thing: the Maji Market is in town and ready to celebrate the Luna New Year!

For one month, the Kilima Village Fairgrounds will host the Maji Market, a lively night market full of food, games, and festivities to welcome the Luna New Year, a time of new beginnings and community.

Join the Palian residents during this limited time event and take part in all the customs and traditions of the holiday. Pull up a seat, grab a snack, and learn all about what this installment of the Maji Market brings.

LNY Location Event Map

The Maji Market takes place at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, found on the eastern side of Kilima Village. You will receive a letter from Kenli to let you know the Maji Market is in town; the Fairgrounds will be open from 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM Palia Time, so be sure to check it out as soon as it starts getting dark.

Once you get to the Fairgrounds, you’ll be able to partake in a Luna New Year 3-act quest line where you can help Zeki learn the meaning of making a wish; play minigames, and earn tons of goodies from the various merchants and vendors.

What can I find at the Maji Market?

The Maji Market brings new celebrations for the new year! All Palians are invited to jump into the festivities and celebrate under the shimmer of the Luna moon.

Fresh features include new quests all about the Luna New Year, playing with others in a hotpot minigame, making wishes at the magnificent Wishing Tree, and taking a spin of Zeki’s Prize Wheel.

Fan favorite Maji Market events will all return as well! Dive into the mayhem with the multiplayer Chapaa Chase minigame or beat the drums around the market to unleash fantastic fireworks. The village vendors will return with their booths so be sure to check out their shops for some scrumptious snacks and recipes, including some new delights!

Read on to learn more about the new market additions, how to get into the action, and what to expect.

Hotpot with Friends

Hotpot Minigame

Edited as of 2/1/24: Corrections were made to more accurately reflect information in the game. Apologies for the confusion!

On the docks of the Fairgrounds, you’ll find large hotpot tables, offering up a delicious minigame to feed your heart and soul.

Interact with any open hotpot table to start up a new game. Up to four players can join in on the fun concurrently, and players will have up to 90 seconds to join a match when a new game is triggered.

Each player will receive 9 tiles and each tile will have an ingredient as well as a category, determined by its colored background.

The objective is to create three sets of three tiles each. Sets can be made with either as a Three-of-a-Kind Set (3 tiles with the same category and same ingredient) or a Category Set (3 tiles of the same color category but with different ingredients). Three-of-a-Kind Sets are worth 120 points, and Category Sets are worth 60 points.

In the center of the table, you’ll see the draw pile - the tiles here are available for anyone to draw from on their turn. The first player will have 30 seconds to draw from any pile in the center of the table and will discard a tile from their hand. Then the next player’s turn begins.

When a player achieves three sets, they may click “Let’s Eat!” to end the game and show an ending screen, revealing all players’ hands.

Hotpot Game Hand

Helpful Hotpot tips:

  • If you don’t have 4 players, don’t worry! The game will begin after 90 seconds, even if the Hotpot table has less than 4 players.
  • Keep an eye on what other players’ are discarding! These tiles will appear in front of their soup base and may help clue you in to what they are collecting.

Of course, the best experience sometimes is to just dive right in and experience the game for yourself! Enjoy!

Make a Wish

At the center of the festive fairgrounds, you’ll see the magnificent Wish Tree, full of ribbons, color, and hopes for the new year. Join in on the Maji traditions of making wishes and who knows — your wish might even be granted!

To celebrate prosperity and bring good luck; each real-world day upon login, you’ll receive a letter from Chayne that includes a wish ribbon. Bring your Wish Ribbon to the Fairgrounds during the Luna New Year celebration to make your wishes.

Dye your ribbon at the dye station and bring it to the tree, which shows a special cutscene interaction. The following night, check in by the Wish Tree to see if Maji granted your wish!

LNY Wishing Tree Dye Booth

Wishing Tip!

Each dye color represents a different wish for the new year. Try each dye for different rewards.

  • Blue represents Luck (Lucky Envelopes)
  • Orange represents Prosperity (Gold)
  • Pink represents Longevity (Renown)
Zeki’s Prize Wheel

Edited as of 2/9/24: Corrections were made to more accurately reflect information in the game. Apologies for the confusion!

Feeling lucky? Try your luck with a spin of Zeki’s Prize Wheel. Players will initially receive a token just by speaking with Zeki during the “New Year, New Wishes” quest, which is used to spin the wheel for prizes. Give it a whirl for a chance to win gold, Lucky Envelopes, or a Zeki Coin!

More tokens can be obtained as you spend Lucky Envelopes at each merchant booth or land on a lucky spot on the wheel. Every time you purchase an item at the Market with Lucky Envelopes (not including cooking ingredients and seeds!), you’ll have a chance at receiving a Lucky Prize Wheel Coin. The more Lucky Envelopes you spend on a purchase, the greater the chance at receiving a Coin, with every purchase over 2000 Lucky Envelopes guaranteeing a Coin, and purchases of 4000 Lucky Envelopes guaranteeing 2 Coins!

LNY Chapaa Chase

Chase those Chapaas!

Every night at 12:00 AM Palian time, a Chapaa Chase will start at the Maji Market! You’ll see the chapaas unleashed around the west side of the market. Run up to a chapaa and press the Interact key to catch it. Carry the pesky critter back to the pen to earn points before time runs out. Everyone who carries chapaas back to the pen will earn points and contribute to a Group Score bonus, which increases everyone’s points! Points will convert to Lucky Envelopes which can be redeemed at booths for prizes.

Lucky Envelopes

As you explore the Maji Market, play the games, and make wishes, you’ll collect Lucky Envelopes. Trade in your Lucky Envelopes for exclusive rewards from the vendors, including furniture items, plushies, new food dishes, recipes and more!

LNY Zeki's Prize Wheel

LNY Food and Dessert

LNY Prize Booth

We’re so excited to bring the Maji Market back to Palia and celebrate the Luna New Year with everyone. The event will last for one month, so when the sun sets, make sure to visit and grab all the exclusives available before the market goes away again!. Keep an eye on our Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok to see even more Maji Market updates and Palia game news. Happy Luna New Year!