Celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Palia with the Luna New Year


Do you enjoy ringing in the new year by making wishes, playing a game of hotpot, and… spotting Dragon Fireworks?? We sure do! So we won’t be Dragon our feet to celebrate Luna New Year on Tuesday, January 30, when the time-limited Maji Market in-game event returns to the Kilima Village Fairgrounds for our Luna New Year celebration!

LNY Screen HotPot 01

Players familiar with Maji Market will remember the sights and sounds of the lively night market brimming with small-town spirit and flair. It’s a communal space where folks of all ages gather to enjoy sweet and savory treats, play games, earn prizes, and collect all kinds of goodies from a plethora of merchant vendors with Lucky Envelopes.

LNY Screen ZekiPrizeWheel 02

Players can expect to see so much more during the Luna New Year celebration. Event-goers can look forward to commemorating new beginnings, prosperity, good future, and more through exciting new and returning activities, including:

New Quests – Visit (and re-visit!) Maji Market for the opportunity to complete three (wishful…?) quest lines that ring in the Luna New Year. You’ll also learn more about Zeki and the meaning of making a wish…

The Wish Tree – Dye your wish ribbon to hang on the Wish Tree and perhaps Maji will grant your wish…

Hotpot Card Game – Gather ‘round one of many communal hotpots and kickback, relax, and enjoy a sociable card game with friends. The card game is simple to learn, but will take cooperation to master, and every Palian who plays will earn some Lucky Envelopes.

Lucky Envelopes – Players will receive Lucky Envelopes for participating in various activities in Maji Market during the Luna New Year celebration, as well as by completing the Luna New Year event questlines.

Zeki’s Prize Wheel – Feeling lucky, Pal-ian? Then head over to Zeki’s Lucky Catch and give the prize wheel a spin. The good news is… you can’t lose! All players will walk away with something useful.

Dragon Fireworks – Beat the drums around the market to unleash the fan-favorite fireworks show.

Chapaa Chase – It isn’t a proper Maji Market without a little Chapaa mayhem. Return the escaped chapaas to their pen and put an end to their nightly mischief to earn additional rewards.

Luna New Year Rewards – Trade in your earned Lucky Envelopes for some Luna New Year exclusive rewards from various merchant booths – the Chapaa Hut, Reth's Street Specialties, Delaila's Sweet Treats, Zeki’s Lucky Catch and more. Nian Gao, anyone??

LNY WishDyeStation Screen

The time-limited Luna New Year celebration kicks off on Tuesday, January 30 and will end on Tuesday, February 27. Be sure to check your Events tab in your in-game menu for more details.

Happy Luna New Year!

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