Letter from our Game Director


Early Testing

Greetings Palians,

I can’t tell you what it means to be writing this to you today, just a few days before we pull back the veil on Palia for all to see and soon be a part of. I fell in love with this world a long time ago. From the simple block shapes that would one day be Sernuks to the already lovable mannequin following you around an empty landscape that would one day become our first villager, Auni. There was a spark even in those early days that I couldn’t wait to share.

Now, as we enter the Beta phase of development, it seemed like a good time to briefly reflect, to introduce myself to the community, and to speak a bit about what you can expect from Palia and this scrappy, independent developer setting off on this uncharted course.

Palia started as a mission to bring people together through games in new ways. To create a place where you can be just who you want to be, and find a community that celebrates that. While entering Beta is a major milestone in pursuit of those aspirations, it’s still early on in our quest. As a player, you can take it as a commitment to you that the best version of Palia is always in front of us. That we will work hard every week, every year, to reach for those stars.

Unreal Screenshot Sernuk_After

As a new developer on the scene, we will make mistakes like any other, we will stumble. But we will work to correct them, we will get back up. And we will also surprise you, hopefully delight you. We will learn and evolve as necessary to make Palia the best it can be.

Betas are known for their instability. And as much as we’re working to ensure that true troubles are infrequent, we’re not unrealistic about it. There will be performance quirks, undiscovered bugs, and there are even a few features that need a bit more work before they can really sing.

But overall, we think entering Beta is the right next step in the quest to make Palia the best it can be, and there will never be a perfect time to make this transition. By opening our doors we’ll be able to test how our systems scale and operate over time, with the Closed Beta giving us the opportunity to do that just a few steps at a time, instead of all at once.

We’ll also be able to learn so much about what you love, why you love it, and, of course, where we still need to improve or where we should go next. Players are always at the heart of any decision we make in regard to Palia. And just like how all of our amazing Alpha testers helped evolve Palia to this point (thank you!), your voice will contribute to where we go from here.

And so, it is with great trust - and sure, a few jitters - that we step out into the light, and hope that you enjoy playing Palia as much as we enjoy making it.


Of course, one of the most exciting parts for us as developers is looking into the future at everything we’ve yet to build for Palia, and to anticipate your reaction to the things already in development, but not ready to reveal just yet. So while we’re hard at work ensuring all of our services are working correctly, we’re simultaneously working to ensure that we’re releasing new content and features with each new patch to the game. Here’s some of what to expect from us this year.

  • Themed Event
  • New Quests and Storylines
  • New Villagers and Friendships
  • New Decor and Furniture
  • New Crops and Recipes
  • More Character Customization Options
  • Beards!
  • Nintendo Switch Release
  • Full Controller Support
  • More Quality of Life Improvements

As I’m sure you can tell, we want Palia to be a game you can play for many years to come, with frequent updates, more lands to explore, more ways to play together, a storyline that keeps you guessing, and so much more.

Thank you for joining and supporting us on this journey. We made Palia for you.

From all of us at Singularity 6, welcome home!

Aidan Karabaich
Game Director

Starry Group Shot