Maji Market: Your Destination for Food, Music, and Friends


Invite to Maji Market

For one month, the Kilima Village Fairgrounds will be filled with the sights, smells, and sounds of the Maji Market, a lively night market brimming with small town spirit and flair.

In the world of Palia, night markets take place all over, at various times of the year, with different cultural sights and activities unique to their respective regions. In the days when Kilima was a bustling trade hub, the village hosted night markets that were larger than life, such as the ones seen in Bahari City!

Maji Market Welcome

But as the village grew smaller, so did its festivities... until Eshe and Kenli decide to revive the Maji Market tradition and celebrate what makes Kilima special - And you’re invited!

Maji Market Map The Maji Market takes place at the Kilima Village Fairgrounds, which is open exclusively in the evenings and through the night. It’s a space to gather with people of all ages, grab sweet and savory foods, listen to music, and watch the fireworks show together.

You’ll be able to unlock a new mini-area within Kilima Village as you explore new quests, earn prizes, and collect all of the goodies every merchant has to offer. While you’re there, be sure to snap all of the photo ops, chase some chapaas, and find a surprise or two (depending on the drum beat 😉).

The Maji Market is Palia’s first event, and we can’t wait to share how it was built! We’ll be diving into the development of this game event all month long with behind the scenes peeks, celebrations of the new music, and perhaps a fun little goodie you can call your very own. Keep checking back on our Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok as we party at the Maji Market all month long! 🎉


I can’t wait! How do I get started?

Once the event starts, players will receive an invitation through the mail from Eshe - so be sure to check your mailbox on your housing plot.

Stay on top of all the details by visiting our event page in the player menu, which includes:

  • The dates of the event (Tuesday, August 29th through Tuesday, September 26th)
    The event location button, which will show you a close up of where to go
    Exclusive event items that you’ll receive from participating in quests and games
    Stamp cards filled with activities that have additional rewards
    And, an easy way to see quests as you chat with various villagers

How long will Maji Market last?

The Maji Market is available for one month:

Start Date: Tuesday, August 29th
End Date: Tuesday, September 26th

We will be sure to give you lots of notice before the party ends!

I logged in, but I don’t see Maji Market!

While you’re able to visit the Maji Market at any time, the festivities are only available from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am Palia time. That is the best time to enjoy some of our favorite rewards, but the fairgrounds will be available around the clock to hang out and fish.🎣

What kind of goodies can I find at Maji Market?

There are over 50 prizes, treats, and souvenirs you can find, entirely unique to Maji Market! Filling up your stamp card as you complete each activity will get you even more fun rewards. We don’t want to spoil any surprises (cough Chapaa Ice Pops cough) or give you too many hints (cough 8 different plushies cough), but here’s a tiny sneak peek at a selection of wares you can peruse:

Maji Market Booth

Will there be even more events in Palia in the future?

The devs at Singularity 6 love a good event, and do hope to add more in the future! We will be drawing inspiration from holidays all across our own world while also coming up with ones that are uniquely Palian.

Oh no, I can’t attend this month! Will Maji Market be back?

If you have to miss Maji Market, don’t be sad! Everything you can get from Maji Market will be available sometime in the future. While we can’t share all the details just yet, just know they won’t be gone forever.

Market Arch