Bug Out with an Insect-a-Palooza in Palia!


ICYMI: Insect plushies have buzzed into player’s homes following Palia’s Patch.180 update! And we don’t want these plushies to ‘fly’ under the radar. So we’re hosting an in-game Insect-a-Palooza where players will band together and work (as a colony, if you will) to catch 25 million insects and earn some rewards that are truly the “bee’s knees!” The weeklong Insect-a-Palooza will begin at 10:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, June 13 and ends at 10:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, June 20.

Insect a Palooza 1920x1080

Goal & Rewards

So Auni really, REALLY wants you to help him out. Tish bet Auni that he couldn’t catch 25 million insects by June 20. While Auni never ‘fleas’ from an insect catching challenge, he’s willing to share the following sweet loot with all his fellow bug scouts if you help him reach this goal by June 20:

  • A brand new plush especially for the Spring season – the Leafy Flutterfox Plush
  • 3 Mixed Hydrangea Flower Seedlings

Everyone knows how Auni loves sending mail so if we reach this goal, he will be sending these rewards through the News Inbox for anyone that logs in between 11:00 a.m. PST on Thursday, June 20 until 7:00 a.m. PST on Tuesday, June 25.

Ready to get buzzing? Collect your smoke bombs and honey lures, and team up with new and existing Palians for this reward-filled frenzy of insect wrangling! As they say, there is strength in numbers and some of the trickier bugs might need a good smoke bomb barrage before they are ready for capture! Here's how to join the party:

  • Head over to the Official Palia Discord to meet up with other Bug Scouts. There's a dedicated channel just for #hunting-insects
  • Spread the word in-game! Let everyone know you're setting up a Honey Lure party and watch the butterflies (and beetles!) flock to your location.

Let’s get this Bug Brigade rolling! We'll see you out there, catching critters and building a more vibrant (and sometimes buggy, hehe) community! Hive Five!


Edited as of 6/13/24: An FAQ was added to help answer some community questions!
25 million is so many insects! We have to catch 25 million insects each?
Definitely not! Auni is trying to catch 25 million insects across all players and all platforms. The goal is for all Palians to collectively catch 25 million insects.

Can I party up with my friends to catch insects together?
Absolutely! Every player who catches an insect will have that insect count towards the goal. So feel free to party up, bring your buzzy jars, light those honey lures, and get catching! You can also choose to contribute as a solo Bug Scout!

How will we know when we hit the goal?
We'll provide an update this Sunday, June 16 (PST) with where the community is at so you know how many bugs are left to catch! The final count will be shared at the end of the event next Thursday (PST)!