Dev Update #7 - Post-0.178 Thoughts


Hello, everyone! We hope that everyone has been enjoying Palia’s Steam Launch and the 0.178 update! But we also want to talk about some feedback that’s been brought to our attention.

Palia is Currently in Open Beta

We want to clear the air: since our Open Beta launch back in August 2023, the game remains as a title still in Open Beta. Know that we’ll keep our players updated with as much information as possible as we approach what we consider to be our official launch.

We're aware that there has been feedback regarding our messaging and status on various platforms, but the emphasis is that Palia is free-to-play and available for anyone to try. It is a continuous, ongoing effort, and we are committed to providing patch updates with new content, improvements, and bug fixes well into the future.

In fact, looking at our version, being on 0.178 means we’ve made over 178 updates to the game! Even from the start, and the days of Pre-Alpha, we made sure to include player feedback and have it shape Palia to be where it is today. And when it’s ready, we also plan to have the versioning update from “0.XXX” to “1.XXX” to better reflect Palia’s new status — but even that is not the end. We’ll keep having more patches after, and developing Palia alongside our players. That was one of the primary reasons why we wanted it to be a free-to-play, live-service game.

We invite everyone to be part of this journey.

What’s next?

There’s some exciting content we’ve outlined in our previous Dev Update, and some we’re not quite ready to share just yet as they need a bit more time to bake.

That said, we also want to share that additional quality-of-life and accessibility features on the horizon, such as:

  • Brightness sliders
  • Colorblind features
  • UI and text adjustments

To our players, your feedback and support of the game will keep shaping and improving Palia. This is something we extend to all players: new, old, and returning.

Thank you,
Singularity 6