Dev Update #6 - Springing into Steam

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Hello Palians!

Notice something a little different? We’ve decided to start numbering our updates! We’re shaking it up and changing some things, namely the expected cadence of these updates. Rather than try to stick to a fixed monthly post, we figured: let’s share these updates when it makes sense. So whether that’s one update in a while, or several in a row, we didn’t want to be beholden to a self-imposed guideline. That said, odds are you can expect to hear from us a bit more frequently. 😉

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about…

Steam Release & Patch 0.178

Juuuust in case you haven’t heard, Palia is headed to Steam! March 25th is just around the corner, and if that wasn’t enough, the Steam Release will also be bringing in our next patch, 0.178.

Everyone at S6 has been hard at work making sure things are ready, whether you’re a well-versed Palian already playing on one of our current platforms, or looking to check things out for the first time once we’re on Steam, we’re so excited to welcome everyone home to Palia!

In case you have any questions regarding Palia on Steam and what that entails, be on the lookout for a future blog post which should have some FAQs in store!

But we’re sure the question folks want answered is: What’s in store for the next patch?

The theme of this patch is all about Spring! 💐

Temple of the Roots

EarthTemple 2 TM

We’re sure players might have seen signs already of the next temple in store…and that is none other than the Temple of the Roots.

“One of our goals for the Temple of the Roots was to take into account the experience players had with previous temples and improve based on that feedback with new techniques and approaches to the way the space is built. As always, this will be a new and exciting experience, but should also feel more guided than the Temple of the Gales. For example, we added some flowers to indicate that you were in the main area of the temple to help with directions. It’ll also be the first time some new mechanics are introduced that we’ll be utilizing in future temples and zones!” - S6 Eris

And while we don’t want to spoil too much of the story…let’s just say fans of Galdurs will have something to look forward to waiting for them!

Q: Will this be the last temple? No…but we won’t say more just yet! Suffice to say, the overarching story of Palia is only just beginning.

Updates to Climbing

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback in regards to climbing in the game. Being able explore and navigate the world of Palia is an important part of the overall experience, so for the next patch, we’ll be adding in the first of several changes behind-the-scenes that ultimately will result in an improvement to climbing and traversal in the game.

The Flowers and Trees System

One of the top most requested features players have had is the addition of more outdoor decor options, and we’ve answered that call with a brand-new feature. Simply put, we’re calling it Flowers & Trees, but there’s nothing simple about it.

Now, players can finally decorate your housing plot with a lush array of flora. Insects will have a chance to drop flower seeds, which you can then plant on your housing plot. Of course, flowers need watering to grow! Your flower will start at a sapling stage, and need to be watered alongside some time passing in order to reach its fully grown stage.

178 FlowersGrowth TM

The thing about Palian flowers, however, is that they’re everlasting. 🌹 Once they’re fully grown, you can pick them up, move them around, and arrange the flowers! And if that wasn’t enough, all fully grown flowers will have a 100% chance to drop one (and note, just one!) seed of that flower type, so it won’t be long before you have a lush garden right in your backyard.

As for tree seeds, they will still have a chance to drop when you chop down their equivalents in the wild, but we’ve done a lot of work to freshen up the experience as you plant the seed. Trees have four stages, and like flowers, will also need water and time to pass as they go through each stage.

At any stage though, you can choose to stop growing the tree if you’re a fan of a particular look. They can still be chopped down at any point, too, for resources.


Spring Fever Decor Set

In order to celebrate the new Flowers and Trees System being added, we’re also adding in a fresh, outdoor-themed set.

178 SpringFeverSet TM

We can’t wait to see some wonderful screenshots of the kind of backyards Palians will make with these new additions.

Wedding Gown & Suit Outfits

Weddings and spring often go hand in hand, which is why we’re introducing two new wedding-themed outfits with some unique effects! 🌷

There’s a special interaction when multiple players have the outfit equipped and are gathered together. Flowers will grow and bloom, with more appearing when up to five players with these outfits are nearby.



It’s not too late yet to wishlist Palia on Steam if you haven’t already, and our Frogbert Wishlist Campaign is still underway!

We were so excited to see the community’s reaction. All the really fun memes and references to Frogbert have been incredible to see. That’s why we’ve decided to include an additional gift to Palians in the form of—

—huh? What’s that? Why do I hear… boss music?!


Haha, just kidding. We might have gotten a little too carried away. That said, if we do reach our end goal of 500,000+ wishlists, we might be able to accommodate something that we know players are sure to love! 🐸

Wow, that was a lot! Of course, these are just a handful of all the incredible things we’re adding into 0.178. There’s more in store, and we can’t wait for players to check it all out alongside our Steam launch!

Pattern Line 02_Short

Other Cool Stuff for the Future

Last but not least, we want to share some additional teases we have for future content beyond 0.178. Take a look:

Dev Update 6 In Development Asset

That’s all you get, though! More details will be shared in future notices, so please look forward to it. 😊

Palia Line1 new


And finally, a last section to round up some additional FAQs we’ve seen from players!

Q. How often will the Maji Market come back?
The Maji Market is an event that comes back twice per year. There are two different themes: you’ll see a more traditional version during the Luna New Year; and then a more casual form sometime around late summer or early fall. What remains the same and what changes will vary, but please note that we’ll continue to bring back, rotate, and add new rewards with each regular appearance.

Q. Is there a reason why certain bugs take such a long time to get fixed?
We are doing our best to resolve issues, but there are a lot more processes and things involved especially when it comes to a multiplayer game that is cross-platform compatible. Some things that might appear like simple bugs might not have easy fixes, or things develop that require more effort to resolve properly. That is to say, we greatly value and wish to resolve bugs! But sometimes it is not so simple, so we appreciate players for being patient and understanding. 🙇

Q. Are there plans to expand on the current Community features? Will the max membership cap be raised?
Yes to both, though at this time we don’t quite have more details to share. It’s something we know many players would love to see more social features, and the Community is a great avenue for that with lots of room to be expanded. We look forward to sharing more with you all soon:™:!

Q. Why is the max number of friends currently capped at 200?
Due to some technological limitations, we have set the cap at 200. Please note, this cap actually applies to include pending requests - so make sure to clear those out if you need a bit more space. 😀

That’s all for now. See you with the Steam Launch!