Tech Test 2 is on the Way


Since we first announced our plans for the Tech Tests, we mentioned there would be multiple in store. Having wrapped up with the first one on May 25th, we're ready to run another one!

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Tech Test 2 will run for a few short hours on June 8th, and is a continuation of the previous one—that means the same players we’ve invited and the same expected duration as the first.

We’re in the process of sending out reminder emails to all the existing testers we reached out to for the first Tech Test. If you missed your chance last time, make sure to take part in this one!


How do I know if I’m a returning tester for this Tech Test?

If you are getting emails for any of our Tech Tests, that means you’re in! The latest one will be titled Save the Date: Palia Tech Test on June 8 🌻 from welcome@e.singularity6.com.

Will progress from Tech Test 1 carry over?

Yes. Any progress made from the first Tech Test will carry over to the next one. (Please note this may not always be the case, and will vary with each test.)

What if I received an invitation, but never actually participated?

Any new or returning tester that was invited for Tech Test 1—even if you weren’t able to participate—will also be invited for Tech Test 2.

To be certain that you qualify, be on the lookout for the latest email titled Save the Date: Palia Tech Test on June 8 🌻 from welcome@e.singularity6.com.

I signed up recently following the announcement of Tech Test 1. Do I qualify for Tech Test 2?

Unfortunately, the cut-off for the tester pool was anyone who signed up prior to our announcement on May 18th. However, you will be entered for future tests! Please make sure to stay up to date on announcements to know which ones we’ll be inviting new testers for.

When is Palia launching?

Although we haven’t announced a release date yet, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our website and socials! Do know that Palia is currently in Alpha testing phase, and we’re evaluating each test we run to help shape our next steps.

This is the first I’m hearing about Palia! Where can I go to sign up for future playtests?

Welcome home! We are so happy you are here. 😊 Palia is a cozy, community simulation MMO game set in a fantasy world. If you haven’t yet, check out our announcement trailer! You can sign up for our future playtests right here on our website.

Are more people being invited for this playtest?

Since Tech Test 2 is a follow-up of the first one, we will not be inviting any new testers apart from those from the first round.

We appreciate everyone who has signed up and is eagerly waiting to get their hands on Palia. Even if you weren’t selected, there are still more opportunities on the horizon! 🌅

Will there be more testing phases in the future?

It depends! With every test, we gain more info and EXP to help level up Palia for the next round. 🕹️ Whether or not that means even more tests gets evaluated at each step, and we’ll be sure to keep folks updated and announce any major beats—like what we’re doing for this Tech Test!

How can I increase my chances of getting invited?

The best option is to sign-up on our website, and answer our survey. That’s really it!

Is this test under NDA? Why?

Yes. Everyone who is participating in this playtest is under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and that’s why you are not seeing any streams or content. Palia is still under development, so a lot of the things during these tests might change as we head up to launch.

Do you have a question that’s not answered? We’re always happy to chat! Let us know in the community on Twitter and Discord!