Alpha 2: Our Next Testing Journey


Palia continues its journey as we embark on our next testing phase: Alpha 2!

We are happy to share that all Alpha 1 players who activated their accounts are invited back to explore Palia once again! We also invited lots more new players who signed up on our website, so they can experience Palia for the first time. If you have signed up anytime since June of 2021, be sure to check your inbox for an email from welcome@palia.com to see if you were one of the testers selected.

Alpha 1 Group Photo- Photo Credit: AnnaBanana This could be you! Photo by AnnaBanana

We’ve added many new features since the last Alpha, and we need drivers to come take them for a spin. We especially want to hear what our testers think about how they are introduced to Palia from the very beginning, and how the story unfolds as they voyage deeper into the world. A friendly early game experience is a big part of creating a welcoming game, and to get players ready for all the mining, chopping, fishing, crafting, and adventuring to come.

Palia Fishing Spot Early development screenshot of a fishing spot in Kilima Village

Update, February 10th 2023:

We want to give a big "thank you" to everyone who purchased an outfit to help test our shop! While making money during these playtests is not a primary goal, it’s crucial for us to test our store tech and better understand players’ interest in purchasing. Of course, we appreciate any and all support, whether it's in the form of feedback, bug reports, or even just playing the game. Every moment helps to make Palia the best game it can be, and we appreciate all of it!

Want to learn more about our business model? Read our full blog on it here!

A Word From The Bahari Bay Research Institute

In addition to testing for bugs and feature feedback, this phase of playtesting also helps us practice running a live game, such as patch updates, player support, and how we run community events. All of us here at Singularity 6 are looking for opportunities to exercise these muscles as often as possible, which means a smoother launch experience for everyone.

Ashura Points to Map Ashura shares his feedback on this map

No matter what it is we’re testing, we want players to freely share their thoughts the way they are most comfortable. That’s why we collect feedback in a few different ways, including anonymous surveys, public community suggestions, and data showing us how players interact with the game itself. Bringing all of this together helps us make better decisions with the full view of the player experience.

Palian Rain First look at our early exploration of rain

Tish's Living Room Alpha 2 adds more color palettes and customization features for home decorating

Of course, this attention to the player’s journey won’t stop with testing. Palia is a game that will be expanding and improving at launch and beyond, and we want everyone to be a part of shaping it.

While we’re excited to share our new developments, new experiences mean that we may find opportunities to improve the features, along with all the potential bugs to discover. Unearthing new and hilarious bugs is half the fun of playtesting, and we’re looking forward to what our testers find in Alpha 2!

Fishing for the Sernuk Bug Photo Credit Boa

A poor stuck Sernuk 😢 GIF by Boa

Being Involved

If you’re interested in being a part of future playtests, please sign-up right here on our website.

We will be releasing regular updates and sneak peeks to keep you involved in our development every step of the way. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord and let us know what you’re most excited for from Palia!

Gone Testin'