Photo Gallery: Celebrating Halloween in Palia

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MizzOhhhNo 📸 Palia is full of mysteries! Screenshot by MizzOhhhNo

Though candy wrappers may be scattered like confetti, and costumes discarded in colorful piles, we couldn't let this Halloween season get away without showcasing some of our favorite moments from the past few weeks. Gather 'round, Palians, for one last trip down the pumpkin-dotted paths of Palia's first Halloween...

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Palian Pumpkins

From doorsteps to doorways, Palians found an infinite amount of possibilities for these cheeky pumpkins!

📸 To kick things off, we had to share this IRL Sernuk Jaak-O-Lantern by Livwel!

Moon 📸 Something’s not quite right with these Chapaas… Screenshot by Moon

ally-pally 📸 A classic Halloween scene by ally-pally

Daidouji 📸 One Jaak-O-Lantern for every tree! Screenshot by Daidouji

Firstborn-Kate 📸 What lurks beyond this strange archway? Screenshot by Firstborn Kate

Hówlymówly 📸 A veritable procession awaits! Screenshot by Hówlymówly

kittie 📸 A warm glow on a chilly Fall night. Screenshot by kittie

Krutan2 📸 This Kitsuu feels right at home among the flames and fiery oranges of these pumpkins. Screenshot by Krutan

Milkn On-Toki-s-plot 📸 Milkn has just realized what’s up with these Chapaas! Screenshot by Milkn, on Toki's home plot

Keylontic See-Comment-we-wear-costumes-not-to-ward-off-but-to-party
📸 How did these inter-dimensional critters get in here?! Keylontic says, “On this very day we wear our costumes, not to ward off spirits, but to party with them.”

Nexus-Cupcake read-comments-saving-his-kin-from-being-carved-to-pieces 📸 Nexus-Cupcake has crafted their very own Pumpkin King, and tells us this tantalizing campfire tale! “Saving his kin from being carved to pieces, the Pumpkin King rides through Palia in his cart pulled by his trusty steeds and protected by his loyal minions."

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Always Go With Friends 👀

The first rule of Halloween: Keep the company of the living close by! Keep scrolling to see what tricks and treats these friends got up to in Palia this month.

akiapapaya2 📸 Akiapapaya and friends stirring up trouble

Grace 📸 Grace and company pay their respects to the spirits from the Remembrance Garden

Jupie-s Stream 📸 These friends gathered up for some Halloween pre-party on Jupie's livestream

Wattebauschi 📸 Wattebauschi’s and their companions fill us with thrills and chills

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Candle Collections 🕯️

It just wouldn't be fall without tiny flames burning bright to keep the early darkness at bay. Take a look at how these Palians crafted unique candle collections!

mvkatt4 📸 mvkatt welcomes us into their magical kitchen

rose too-many-candles-no-such-thing 📸 Rose asks, is this too many candles? And answers: No such thing!

✩-Astraia-✩ 📸 ✩-Astraia-✩ preparing a mystical banquet hall

Naz 📸 AAAAH! Naz don't scare us like that! (Just kidding, please do)

voidness 📸 Voidness’ candle collection calls to us

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Bubbling Cauldrons 🔮

We welcomed Palians to discover a very special cauldron found deep in the woods of Bahari Bay. These Masked Doctors were up to the task...

Fyodor-BerryCow 📸 Fyodor BerryCow finding a new use for their hoe

Jorma666 📸 Jorma666 “borrowing” Tamala’s spellbook

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It Was a Dark and Foggy Night... 🔦

These Palians channeled their inner Jel to wander the foggy evenings and take in the scenery.

Arri 📸 As the full moon rises, Arri is one with the poetry of the night

Gwendolyn-Glisten2 📸 Gwendolyn Glisten peers into the unknown - does it peer back?

Prinn2 📸 Prinn contemplates among the wisps of fog and wisteria

Shay 📸 Shay considers exploring the old, abandoned lighthouse

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Fall Mood 🍂

Halloween isn't just about the strange and eerie - it's also about embracing the beautiful turn of the seasons! Below, we've collected some of our favorite fall decor moments.

丂ムイひ---bleak-but-beautiful 📸 丂ムイひ captures a scene that is “bleak, but beautiful.”

Artemis-Louve 📸 Artemis-Louve plays with a Dragon Fall theme

Coffee 📸 Coffee is ready for their pumpkin spice latte

MaryJayne 📸 MaryJayne honors the Phoenix for Halloween

Spoonzilla 📸 Spoonzilla’s Fall spread

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Cozy Witch Vibes ✨

This season, we got to chat with hundreds of charming witches in Palia. We're hard at work to get them just the right outfit to show-off their mystical manifestations, but in the meantime, they all showed us how they're preparing their bewitching home decor to get into the spirit.

AIO2 📸 AIO has everything they need to cast any spell

anna 📸 anna makes pink work for this gothic setup

Jinkies-Zoinks2 📸 Jinkies Zoinks has us thinking on those spirits lost at sea…

Lady-Lana 📸 Lady Lana relaxes in their wooded witch spa

Lady-Zielle 📸 Lady Zielle prepares her dining hall to welcome in the spirits

Moonbelly-Starfall 📸 Moonbelly Starfall readies the hearth for an evening of warm drinks and haunting tales

Wattebauschi6 📸 Wattebauschi’s bedroom glows with the promise of magic

єνι∂α 📸 Єνι∂α’s main room welcomes in their fellow witches and warlocks

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When The Veil Is Thinnest... 👻

Some Palians took it a step further and prepared their homes to welcome the spirits, summon some friends and get up to some good old-fashioned wholesome (we hope...) Halloween fun!

CassieNova 📸 CassieNova prepares their altar around a great Owl

Cats2 📸 Cats has designed a nautical space by which to weave their enchantments

Dark-Cave 📸 Dark Cave has prepared their plushies to commune with the spirits

sarahsberas summoning-of-bestest-doggo 📸 sarahsberas has prepared her candles to summon the bestest doggo

Arri3 📸 Arri seems to be up to some perfectly innocent Halloween fun

rmb eternal finalevillaughter2 📸 Rmb_eternal, chuckling about all the mischief they’ve concocted

Snoodlez 📸 Snoodlez thanks the Dragon for the very first Halloween in Palia

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We hope you all got a chance to enjoy Palia's first step into celebrating the Fall season. If you're someone that likes to celebrate all year long, be sure to visit the mysterious register behind Jel's shop soon - it will be disappearing just in time for some winter fun!

Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures with us - there are so many more amazing photos to see! Be sure to visit our Discord and search #HappyHalloween to see them all.

Until next time, boils and ghouls! 🎃

📸 Croak!ichi shocked by one of Palia’s tricks!