Palia Launches on Steam on March 25


Hot off the Palian press! We’re throwing open the gates to Kilima Village for [GabeN] and all other players on Steam at 11 a.m. PT on Monday, March 25. If you enjoy swinging a crowbar an ax, farming creeps crops, and b-hopping jumping into an ongoing evolving world story (yes, we’ve played one or two Valve games); then check out the steamy sizzle below:

So unless you’re still rocking a ball mouse, hop on-board the train (choo choo!) and wishlist Palia right now for free on Steam. In fact, the more Palians that Wishlist, the more opportunity for players to receive a snuggle-worthy free reward.


  • Palia launches on Steam on March 25, 2024.
  • Participate in our Steam Wishlist Event to get a (hopefully) gigantic reward!
  • Play wherever you want – there is no change to our existing PC gameplay experience.

Wishlist Event Reward: Giga-Frogbert

wishlist 420

What’s more cozy than a Frogbert in-game plush? We’ll tell you: a MASSIVE Frogbert in-game plush. In fact, all players will unlock a Frogbert plush reward by logging in to Palia within 30 days of Palia’s launch on Steam. But let’s not stop there – the Frogbert plush will grow alongside our wishlists. For every 100,000 Wishlists, the Frogbert will increase in size until we hit 500,000 Wishlists, and all players will receive this kawaii, Kaiju-worthy Frogbert plush.

Make sure to wishlist Palia on Steam now!

Palia Remains Cross-Play and Cross-Progression on Steam

Cross-Play AF

And we want you to play with your friends across platforms! You can play with your friends cooperatively, or with a little friendly competition, because Palia on Steam supports cross-play and cross-progresion between all currently available platforms. So you Steam stalwarts can rest easy knowing that you can play with your friends on Nintendo Switch and more.

Housing af frfr

So make like a Vortigaunt and teleport to the Palia Steam page now to wishlist the game so you can be first to jump in when Palia launches globally on the platform at 11 a.m. PT on Monday, March 25. We look forward to welcoming you to Xen Kilima Village very soon!

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