Palia Alpha Testing Begins

Entering our Alpha Phase

The vistas and valleys of Palia will soon be ready to explore once again as we begin preparations for our Alpha! Kilima Village and its local shops are now ready to welcome more players. We’ve grown more trees and wildflowers, added more critters and mountains, and planted many seeds of adventures to come. All of this is to make sure that we’re able to play our role as a warm and welcoming host to our cozy community.

We’re ready to take a big step into our next phase of development. Starting today, we’ll be sending out limited invites to people we’ve selected to participate, mostly those who have signed up on our website.

Here’s what we hope to find out in our Alpha:
  • How the game feels. Have we succeeded in creating a calm, cozy environment?
  • Is playing with other players fun? Do you enjoy completing adventures together?
  • Do you enjoy interacting with our villagers and deepening your relationships with them? Better yet, will you engage in a little bit of romance?
  • Is crafting and decorating your home able to fully express your creativity?
  • Will our servers hold up with more people coming in? Can we maintain a good and stable experience?
  • Can we squash all the bugs we might not have unearthed on our own?
  • Also: Is fishing really your favorite progression, or are you just really into Einar?
Being Involved

If you’re interested in being a part of future playtests, please sign-up on our website at Palia.com.

We will be releasing regular updates and sneak peeks to keep you involved in our development every step of the way. We’re also listening closely to everyone’s feedback, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord and let us know what you’re most excited for from Palia!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
When is Palia launching?

We’d like to run a few more playtests before we launch! Although we haven’t announced a release date yet, you can look forward to more playtests throughout 2022.

This is the first I’m hearing about Palia! Where can I go to sign up for future playtests?

Welcome home! We are so happy you are here. Palia is a cozy, community simulation MMO game set in a high fantasy world. If you haven’t yet, check out our announcement trailer! You can sign up for our future playtests right here on our website: Palia.com.

What’s the difference between the Pre-Alpha and the Alpha?

The Pre-Alpha was a very early look in the game with a lot of unfinished areas and characters. Also, a lot of the core gameplay was not yet complete. We invited a few players to take a look around and gather initial thoughts as we think it’s important to incorporate player feedback as early as we can. We’ve decided to start our Alpha test as we’ve made good progress and have more to show since then, including solidifying our core gameplay!

How many people were invited to the Alpha?

Never enough! 😅 We were overwhelmed with the number of people who signed up to playtest Palia last year. Although we were able to increase the number of invites from our Pre-Alpha, we’re still a long way from opening the floodgates. So if you didn’t receive an invitation this time, please hang tight—we have lots more playtests to come.

Will there be more testing phases in the future?

Yes. We’ll have multiple Alphas and Betas as we develop towards launch. We don’t know when yet, as it’s dependent on how our testing goes. We expect to receive a lot of great feedback for improvements that we would want to take action on—and that means we would need more time to develop and implement these features. We want to make sure we can make Palia the best it can be.

How can I increase my chances of getting invited?

The best option is to sign-up in our website, and answer our survey. That’s really it!

Is the Alpha under NDA? Why?

Yes. Everyone who is participating in the Alpha is under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and that’s why you are not seeing any streams or content. Palia is still under development, so a lot of the things in Alpha might change as we head up to launch.

Chapaa Stand

Do you have a question that’s not answered? We’re always happy to chat! Let us know in the community on Twitter and Discord!