Palia Player Code of Conduct

Village Values

As neighbors within Palia, we all want to work together to make sure Palia is a beautiful game experience for anyone and everyone who logs in. In addition to the Guidelines provided in our Terms of Service, As such, we strive to emulate the kind of neighbor we would want to live and work alongside, as exemplified by the three major values below: KIND, RESPONSIBLE, and HELPFUL.

1. Be A Kind Neighbor
  • The beauty of Palia lies within its community of players. Each one of us is special and beautiful, and we bring our value to Palia every day. We, the players, will work to uphold a welcoming, tolerant, and inclusive community, and reject racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and any actions or words that constitute harm or hate speech.
  • Every person deserves to enjoy Palia without harassment, abuse, or disruptive and uncomfortable in-game behavior. We achieve this by working together to make Palia the most wholesome game it can be. Bullying, abuse, harassment, trolling, or griefing will not be tolerated.
  • We believe in second chances and giving people the opportunity to learn to be better. We believe in supporting our neighbors through their hard days as we know they will support us through ours. Above all, we choose kindness.
2. Be A Responsible Neighbor
  • Singularity 6 has given us tools to use in the interest of keeping Palia a safe and welcoming game. We will use these tools responsibly - for example, harassment or disruptive behavior will be reported through in-game tools (in Palia), via Player Support, or via moderators (in other social spaces.)
  • If we are presented with a chat conversation or story development that we find emotionally difficult, we will choose to disengage and take care of ourselves.
  • We, the players, will be responsible with our personal information: Never share account or personal details in public forums, and be vigilant for behavior that pushes players to share more information than they’re comfortable with.
3. Be A Helpful Neighbor
  • Every player is new at some point in their Palia journey, and that’s okay! We will work together to help new players and welcome them into Palia and the community.
  • Any player, new or veteran, may need help - with a quest, with a social situation, with crafting or gathering - and that includes us. While we may not always be able to help immediately, we will respond with kindness and try to direct players in need of assistance in the correct direction.
  • We believe in helping people to play Palia in the way that best suits them, as long as their play style isn’t harming another player. We do not want to make players feel bad for not playing Palia a specific way.

We understand that acting in violation of the Village Values may result in consequences. These may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Temporary or permanent loss of social and communication systems within Palia. Similarly, temporary or extended loss of access to official Palia social platforms, such as the Discord server or Subreddit.
  2. Removal of inappropriately-obtained content.
  3. Exclusion from events or other activities, in-game or otherwise.
  4. Temporary or permanent suspension from Palia and any of Singularity 6’s future services.
  5. Any and all consequences outlined in our End User License Agreement and Terms of Service that are not specifically set forth above.