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Palia is a massively multiplayer online community sim game set in a high fantasy world. With robust online multiplayer features and a 3rd person perspective that adds a new layer of depth to the sim genre, Palia gives players a deep community experience in a vibrant living world. As players live a cozy fantasy life, they decide how they fit in, what they want to do, and how they want to play. Palia is in early development but players can sign up now for a chance to get Pre-Alpha access this summer at

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About Singularity 6

At Singularity 6 we believe games are more than just simple entertainment. At the heart of our studio you will find stories of how games helped create lifelong friendships, bridge distances, and bring people together. We were founded in 2018 by Anthony Leung and Aidan Karabaich with the mission to forge alternate worlds that deepen players’ lives.

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