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Patch 0.169 Notes

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169 0 📸Screenshot taken by Aiko Heartblossom

Psst, have you noticed?

Looks like we are solidly toward the end of September! 🍂And just as the leaves turn in the Autumn season, Palia will be going through some changes as well. We are seeing the end to some things, the start of others, and in some cases, a whole new look! “Change” truly is the theme of this patch, so read on below to see what’s in store.

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Hotfix 0.169.1

  • 🏡 We have improved the lag that occurred when placing objects on your housing plot.
  • 🎵 You will no longer hear a phantom jingling noise throughout the world.
  • ⚠️ Item request notifications have been removed from the in-game chat, for now!*
  • 🕹️ Players will no longer crash when playing Heavy Metal Chapaa, or visiting the Black Market.
  • 🔎 The UI for requests will no longer become overly large when fulfilling requests.
  • 🗺️ The quest marker for the “Welcome to Palia” quest is no longer missing,

*We hope to return this feature in some form in the future, but in a more realized way. <3

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At a Glance

  • Four new Premium Store Outfits have been added. 🧚
  • The Maji Market has come to a close. 🌅
  • Zeki’s Underground Black Market has been revamped! 🤫
  • Interact with bathtubs and sinks to watch the water flow! 🛁
  • The Celebration Cake has been rebalanced. 🎂

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New Premium Outfits

Four New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store.

0.169 1 From left to right: Smoking Jacket, Sylph, Folk Flowers, and Everyday Flare.

  • Featured Outfit: The Sylph Bundle (2550/Outfit, 5100/For all 3) includes Starfall, Vineglade, and Brightbloom outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a one-piece and a hat. Equip the one-piece to have a butterfly trail effect whenever you move! 🦋
  • The Folk Flowers Bundle (1700/Oufit, 3400/For all 3) includes Poppy, Sunflower, and Calendula outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a one-piece and a hat.
  • The Smoking Jacket Bundle (850/Outfit, 1700/For all 3) includes Silken Stems, Printed Plaid, and Crocheted Checks outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and a bottom.
  • The Everyday Flare Bundle (850/Outfit, 1700/For all 3) includes Classically Sleek, Embroidered Elegance, and Gorgeous Gingko outfits.
    • Each outfit comes with a top and a bottom.

Also, have you heard? We've added PayPal support into the game! We hope this helps all the Palians who've been waiting to dress their best.😊

New Features and QoL Additions

The Maji Market has come to an end. Thank you everyone for participating in our first event!

0.169 2 📸Screenshot taken by Shepp Aren

Rest assured, the Maji Market will be back one day! 🌝

⚠️We are also aware there are several issues related to individual- and party-based Stamp Cards (Accomplishments) that unfortunately were not able to be fixed by the time of its closure. For players that have met the requirements and did not receive the reward, we are looking to grant the missing items to you soon. Additional updates will be provided in a separate notice.

**Overall, we learned a lot from our first game event during Open Beta, and for what Themed Events should be like for Palia. We plan to use this experience to make our next event even better. Thank you. **🙇

The area for the Grimalkin Underground (Zeki’s Black Market) has been completely revamped!

S6 Eris may have teased in an AMA that the Black Market would be getting a glow up — well, it’s here!

169 3

We hope to create a space where players can gather and socialize, because who doesn’t love to hang out in a shady cave? 😉

If you’re wondering what the significance of this location is, the stars of this show are Reth and Zeki! 🌟 Make sure to fulfill their friendship quests for more background information.

169 4

Here are some new points of interest worth checking out:

  • Zeki may or may not have used his Douplifier to clone the Wondrous Machine, so now a second one can be accessed from the Black Market for your convenience.
  • Reth will now have a proper bar to work at while visiting here! He’ll sell some of the same items you’d see when he’s over at the Ormuu’s Horn Inn.
    • We have plans to eventually change this into more unique items, but for now, let’s chalk it up to Reth wanting more people to try out his Lettuce Soup. 🤭

The Kneel emote has been added!

169 5 Helping us model this emote is Neal! 👋

Our previous patch got you feeling hot? Cool down with a bit of running water from your home! 🚰

  • Interact with a bathtub to have it fill up with water, and interact with a sink to have the faucet running.
    • Fortunately, you won't have to pay any utility bills! (Don’t let Eshe hear about it.)

You can now destroy crops.

  • Despite all the meticulous planning involved, sometimes things happen where you just plant the wrong seed accidentally!
  • With the Hoe tool selected, hold right click over the specific slot you wish to remove the seed from.
    • You have to fully complete the animation for it to be destroyed.
  • And if you are wondering, no, you will not get the seed back. Please still be mindful when deciding what to plant!
    • “Need more seeds? Consider buying them at Zeki’s!” - Zeki

When you’re online, crops will now continue growth without requiring you to visit your Housing Plot. 🌱

  • This change is meant to alleviate the pressure some folks were feeling in needing to check in to their housing plot every Palian Day.
    • Now, you can adventure around without too much worry! Just don’t forget to keep your crops watered when they need it.
  • Note: As a reminder, the maximum stage of growth a crop can go through (minus bonuses/fertilizer) is 1 stage per Palian day.

The icon for Tomato and Apple seeds have been updated to be more visually distinct.

0.169 7

The UI for adjusting door and wall styles for your housing add-ons has been updated to be more intuitive.

  • This is the setting that can be accessed from the Top Down (H) Menu.
  • Overall, there should be less clutter and only the relevant options will appear based on what add-on you’re trying to customize.

The recipes for Hot Hounds and Crab Gumbo have now been properly added to the game. 🌭🦀

  • We know — we said they were supposed to have been added with the last patch. But for real, they should now be discoverable.
    • The recipes can be found in the homes of two certain villagers respectively.
  • Let’s say it’s not a bug we fixed, but a feature! 😉 Enjoy two new dishes ready for you to cook.

Several items are now properly categorized as “Equipment” in storage, rather than as a “Consumable.”

  • This includes Resource Trackers, Kits, the Smoke Candle, and Honey Lures.
  • They say Auni is still trying to consume Honey Lures, but no one wants to break the news to him.

In the workbench, tool recipes have been moved out of the “Equipment” tab and will now have its own tab.

  • We wanted to reduce the amount of scrolling Palians were doing to craft more common recipes, like Ammo and Bug Bombs.
  • Their new location is under a new “Tools” tab.


As we mentioned in our intro, the theme of this patch is “change,” and adjustments to our skills are no exception. This is the moment where we address the topic that many have been waiting on: how we plan to balance Cake Parties.

We knew with how cooking was designed that the ceiling for profit, especially with other players, had the potential to be very high. But for the most lucrative and scalable recipe, seeing how the community has come together to embrace what would come to be known as “Cake Parties” was truly a sight to behold.

We wanted to see it for ourselves — and as we participated in many parties, we saw firsthand the magic that’s made when players come together, work toward a common goal, and reap the rewards. From that experience, we knew that this was the kind of thing that needed to be preserved for the social, multiplayer game that we want Palia to be.

But then the bad news: Celebration Cakes were simply just too profitable. Based on the data we saw, it wasn't just outscaling every other dish — Celebration Cakes were making more profit than with any other gold-generating activity, in any skill, by a large margin.

With these two main considerations in mind, we set out to make adjustments that, ultimately, should create a healthier and more sustainable cooking experience for the long run. Below are the changes we made, and we will do our best to explain our reasoning behind each one.


TLDR: Celebration Cakes now sell for about 40% less. Reaching this number required some adjustments to cooking overall in an effort to bring Celebration Cakes more in line.

The following changes are made in an attempt to target the Celebration Cake recipe directly:

  • The recipe for Celebration Cake has been changed.
    • The requirement for “Any Preserve” has been changed to → “Any Fruit”
    • The recipe will also now require Sugar, which can be bought from the General Store (Zeki) for 20 Gold.
  • The Buy and Sell value for Butter has been reduced.
    • Buy from 80 → 40 Gold
    • Sell from 40 → 20 Gold
  • The Buy and Sell value for Milk has been reduced.
    • Buy from 60 → 30 Gold
    • Sell from 30 → 15 Gold

It’s important to know that the sell value for Cooked Dishes is determined through a formula that is based on the value of the ingredients used. Thus, the ingredients for Celebration Cake in particular made it exponential in the value gained in light of what was put in. This is what we focused on in our balancing.

Even with these changes, though, we realized that co-op cooking was still generating value several levels higher than all other activities. This unfortunately meant we had to adjust the value of all dishes collectively in order to complement the changes we had for cakes.

  • All Cooking dishes have had their sell values reduced by 25%.

We know this will be a major change to the cooking experience, especially in how it impacts those who’d prefer to cook solo to earn gold.

Because a Dish’s Focus value is directly tied to their sell value, this also resulted in the following changes:

  • The following dishes will now grant more focus:
    • Bouillabaisse, Mushroom Quiche, Quiche Bahari (Edit, September 27th, 12:15pm PT: Spoiler alert! These recipes are not currently in Palia), Sushi, Meaty Udon, Poké
  • The following dishes will now grant less focus:
    • Stuffed Mushrooms, Steak Dinner (Reth’s Steak Dinner), Akwinduu Chapaa, Chapaa Masala, Creamy Carrot Soup, Loaded Potato Soup (Reth’s Potato Soup), Macaron, Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie, Celebration Cake, Onigiri (Reth’s Onigiri), Crab Pot Pie

The most noticeable example will likely be Macarons, which went from 225 → 100 Focus, because this particular recipe was actually being calculated incorrectly on top of the changes we made. This resulted in notably higher Focus values than other dishes of comparable value, and thus the steepest reduction we had to make out of all the dishes.

That said, we hope these changes will really set a good foundation for Cooking moving forward, especially when done with friends. Our goal is for there to be a variety of recipes to choose from, so that it’s Cooking Parties, not just Cake Parties. You can also be on the lookout for new recipes coming soon that we hope will be just as fun and worthwhile to cook. For now, though, Celebration Cakes still reign at the top — just not as high as the tower they were on before. 🎂

Gardening & Fishing

  • The tooltip for the SpeedyGro Fertilizer has been updated to better reflect its function.
    • Before: “Fertilizer that doubles the growth rate of crops.”
    • After: “Fertilizer that, for every 2 days of growth, grants an additional bonus day of growth.”
  • The sell value has been reduced from 10 → 5 gold.
  • The cost to buy the fertilizer from the Gardening Guild Store (Badruu) has been reduced from 20 → 10 medals.

We noticed comments from players who weren’t certain what the intended behavior of SpeedyGro was supposed to be. Note, the behavior remains the same (we haven’t touched that), and we realized the description needed updating to be more accurate.

These adjustments to SpeedyGro actually go hand-in-hand with changes we have to the Worm Farms, which is outlined below. 👇

  • Worm Farms and Glow Worm Farms will produce less from cooked dishes.
  • Worm Farms and Glow Worm Farms will produce more when a Star Quality ingredient is added, when previously this was not being accounted for.
  • Glow Worm Farms will also produce twice as much SpeedyGro Fertilizer compared to before.

The reasoning for these changes started as a part of our research in how to tune Cake Parties. We noticed that of the population participating in Cake Parties, some were taking their Celebration Cakes and adding it to the Glow Worm Farm for maximum profit. This led us to identify two issues:

One, was that what the farms produce should be relative to the added item’s sell value. The bug was that a cooked dish of the same exact value as a crop would actually produce more, so we had to fix that.

Two, we also noticed that the results would be the same regardless of whether you added in a Star Quality or Normal Quality ingredient, which was not intended. Again, this was another bug that we took to fix. We believe this will benefit a majority of players as it should increase farm outputs overall.

We also want to call out that the changes to SpeedyGro in particular should come out to a net neutral: the sell value was halved, but the output from farms was doubled. Overall, utilizing fertilizer (including SpeedyGro) should be a net benefit to your gardening output for most cases.


  • Medium-sized Palium Nodes now drop an additional Palium Ore (so the new minimum you can get is 2).
  • Medium-sized Palium Nodes now also grant more skill EXP to better match their small and large counterparts.

These were both bugs we noticed and fixed, which should help improve the mining experience a bit. Happy mining! ⛏️


Another area we wanted to target was Foraging. We noticed that the income brought in from this skill was a little below expected targets. We don’t expect Foraging to produce the same amount of income as more active skills such as Fishing or Hunting, but want to nudge things in a more positive direction.

  • The value for all tree seeds has been increased:
    • Acorn 12 → 60 Gold
    • Pinecone 6 → 60 Gold
    • Samara 6 → 60 Gold
    • Juniper 5 → 60 Gold
  • The value for rare Oyster drops has been increased:
    • Pearl 70 → 105 Gold
    • Green Pearl 145 → 290 Gold

Edit: Wednesday, September 27th, 12:15pm PT:

  • The cost of Silk has increased:
    • Silk 145 → 580 Gold

By increasing tree seed values, we think this should help out players especially during the mid-to-late game progression. Previously tree seeds were priced to incentivize decoration as its main usage, but have now provided a more viable alternative to sell them if you wanted to. With the increase to pearl values, we think it’s a useful universal buff that directly adds gold value when foraging. Though we know newer players don’t always adventure out to Bahari’s beaches — hopefully this will be a bit more of an incentive.

We’ll keep evaluating how these changes land, and we’re open to keep improving the skill based on what we see.


It’s been an incredible experience as we’ve gone from Alpha into Beta. It’s a much bigger playing field, and one we are still learning to better accommodate. With all these new players means more data, more feedback, and more information for us to evaluate, adjust, and communicate out accordingly.

One of the benefits of being a live service game is that Palia is constantly evolving. Change can be scary, especially when it’s perceived as nerfs. The biggest takeaway? Nothing is set in stone. We will continue to improve, and it’s because of our players. With so many Beta Testers here with us, we know that Palia will be a game we can truly be proud of and share to the world.

We want to thank everyone who is with us, and will continue to be with us, as we navigate this incredible journey together.

(New) FAQs

This section will be a chance for us to answer some common questions and comments we’ve seen from the community.

Are there going to be Outfits added with every patch?

Yes. We need to make money to keep developing Palia and have it be the game that we (and our players) dream it to be. Selling Premium Outfits is currently the only way we are making that money, so expect this to be the case for a while. Of course, we are always open to considering other ways to monetize based on feedback from our players, and will continue to evolve our approach over time.

Are you going to do something about how players are treating others when it comes to scarce resources like Palium Nodes?

We’re very aware of the feedback and discussions that have been raised as of late. We want to be able to find solutions that make sense, and because these are social features that have a large impact on our playerbase, we need time to do it right. We’ll do our best to share more when we’re ready.

I get so frustrated trying to get the Sushi recipe/a certain rare fish after so many attempts. Do you plan on doing anything about it?

So, for the Sushi recipe, we actually think it might be a bug! For more info, please see the Known Issues section of these notes.

For other cases though, we’re definitely aware it can be frustrating after many attempts of not getting what you need, especially if it’s to progress in the game. There’s room for some nice solutions to help alleviate this, but we’ll have to think about it.

My Homestead Wall Cabinet used to have dishes in it, but now that’s gone! What happened?

Oops! You are actually seeing work-in-progress of something we’ll be adding in a future update: the ability to open/close doors for cabinets, pantries, and the like, as well as being able to add your own decor in them. Lots of Palians have requested more interactivity with furniture, and we’ve been working on that.

Why does it seem like the game icons of several decor items do not match their 3D model?

The icons are often made from initial concept art of furniture, but because of various factors, the end result of the actual 3D/in-game object may look different. We are looking to update the icons to better match the result and to better set expectations.

Bug Fixes

Holy smokes! Our devs fixed over 100 known issues this patch cycle - that’s a LOT of bugs! 🐞 Here are some worth celebrating listed below.

  • Crops with the Water Retain boost will now progress when you are on a different server for more than 2 Palian days.

  • Players can now acquire an Emberborn Furniture Recipe through one of the Temple of the Flames bundles.

    • If you have already completed the bundles, you will now find the first Emberborn Furniture available at your Workbench.
  • Sifuu will now grant you a torch any time you talk to her during the questline "A Catalyzing Caper".

  • Leaving and Entering the Fire Temple too quickly no longer causes a long period of a black screen.

  • Hot Hounds and Crab Gumbo recipes can now be discovered. As a hint, they can be found in the spaces of two certain Villagers.

  • The Mushroom Dinner recipe that had gone missing is now available again. Maybe a certain bard has it hidden in their practice space?

  • The Dragontide Folding Screen will now appear as expected in the Black Market.

  • Pickled Corn and Pickled Spicy Pepper now both have the correct descriptions.

  • The Floating Relic quest item will no longer accidentally be consumed.

    • If you had accidentally eaten this delicious-looking Relic, you will now find it returned to your inventory.
  • Villagers who share that they would like to receive Corn will now accept it as a gift.

  • For the "Learning the Ropes" quest, Badruu & Reth no longer prematurely mention that the player is now ready to speak to Kenli.

  • The Magistrate and Tau are no longer missing from the Celebration Cinematic.

  • Bushes and trees now fall over after being chopped.

  • The “Emote Collection” button no longer appears as a white box until it is clicked.

  • Text in the “Report” and “Kudos” boxes is now easier to read.

  • Sound and music no longer cut out at unexpected times.

  • The Housing Plot teleport icon now appears on the compass and map as expected during the quest “Welcome To Palia”.

  • The UI text is no longer cut off for large quantities placed in your crafter.

  • UI for the cooking minigames will no longer randomly disappear.

  • The Emoji Icon in the bottom right of the chat box is no longer missing.

  • Interior wall grids are no longer slightly misaligned.

  • The front door frame of the Daiya Family Farm is no longer missing.

  • Some items, such as the Dragon Wall Clock, are no longer missing textures.

  • Clicking "Dismiss" when receiving a friend or party request will now dismiss the request as expected.

  • Unfriending someone no longer sends you an unexpected Friend Request.

  • Players are now able to send messages in the Community channel if they rejoin after leaving.

  • The Regal Ballroom Dress no longer shows incorrect black and blue colors in the store.

  • When trying on clothes in the wardrobe, color swatches no longer appear “invisible.”

Disclaimer: The Community Team does its very best to collect all possible Known Issues into our wicker baskets; however, we don't always have enough space to list everything. Be sure to check out the Known Issues list below to see if we're already working on a quirk you've encountered!

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Top Known Issues

Although the Maji Market has ended, we know there are players who have not received their Stamp Card rewards.

Over the next few days, we will be awarding everyone who accomplished these achievements through the in-game mail system (Check the clipboard icon in your player menu!).

  • Stay tuned for updates in a separate notice when your awards have arrived in-game.

There are ongoing issues with general Achievements, including darkened silhouettes for previously caught critters and rewards not being granted.

We are continuing to look into this!

The Sushi Recipe cannot be fished at this time.

Thank you to everyone who reported this, it’s helped us to find the root cause and start looking into a fix!

Adding 99 fertilizer to all nine slots of a gardening plot will make it un-interactable.

⚠️ Please avoid doing so, otherwise you will lose out on soil plots and not be able to garden!

  • Symptoms include: you can no longer add new crops to the plot; you can no longer pick it up; the plot itself becomes invisible, but still present; etc.

Interacting with the Wardrobe while your character is stuck in the “missing textures & T-posing” appearance will cause your character to reset/change appearances permanently.

⚠️ Please avoid interacting with the wardrobe, otherwise your character will change with no way to adjust certain settings!

  • At the moment, the workaround for the “T-posing” issue is to simply relog into the game.

If players have full inventories and they have space in their storage, they receive a "Wow, your inventory is full" error pop-up when trying to pick up their house, or housing add-ons.

⚠️ This can be especially challenging when picking up your house while star quality fish and insects are placed, as these may accidentally be destroyed.

  • Having just one empty slot available in your inventory will allow you to move your house and housing add-ons.

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Expanded Known Issues List

Disclaimer: These are only a select few issues of many we’re aware of! For troubleshooting on common technical issues, please visit our Player Support page.


💔 Could interfere with strategy or gameplay
👍 Not-good, but playable
🤷‍♀️ Might not even notice if you don’t do this very specific thing

New to 0.169

💔 The quest “Prove Your Devotion” is not accurately tracking the amount of Tree Seeds collected.
💔 Sometimes, Friend Requests do not appear in the social panel.
👍 The quest "Wares in Low Places" requires you to talk to Zeki in the Underground to complete the quest. You may see progress reset when you leave, so be sure to talk to Zeki before you go!
👍 Building exteriors, including the Clocktower, are disappearing from a distance.
🤷‍♀️ The Emote button has returned to the wardrobe! This button is not functional, and will disappear again in a future update.
🤷‍♀️ When selecting the Pet tab, the Emotes menu appears instead. To access Pets, click Emotes, then Pets again.
🤷‍♀️ When placing the campfire, you will not hear any “whoosh!” and the visual effects are currently turned off.

Around The World

💔 Climbing is not always a smooth experience, especially around Pulsewater Plains and Hideaway Bluffs in Bahari Bay, and an area near Leafhopper Hills in Kilima Village. We also observe difficulty with climbing ivy. There is long-term work being done to make all of climbing around Palia a better time!
👍 Stray gliders can be found scattered throughout the world. Sadly, this is not a new and unusual foragable.
👍 There are a collection of visual errors where items will “fade” in and out of view as you approach.
👍 There are areas where you might fall through the world, or get stuck in an unexpected corner. Typing /unstuck, or using the Return Home button on your map, will free you.


👍 The Whisper Chat defaults to yourself after exiting a Party.
👍 Sometimes players can still send messages in Community chat after being kicked from the community.
🤷‍♀️ There is no error message pop-up if you accidentally type an incorrect prompt in chat (for example, “/w” instead of “w/” to whisper).


💔 Cooking Sushi can result in players freezing at the prep station. Pressing ‘H’ to bring up the Housing Menu, then ‘H’ again to exit, will unfreeze you.


👍 When fishing near Einar, players will have to cast out very far to avoid the dock despite the fishing indicator being blue.

Friends, Parties, & Communities

💔 Players suddenly exiting the game (using Alt+F4 or crashing, for example), may still appear active and in a party despite no longer being online.
💔 When a player blocks another player, the blocker is not removed from the blockee’s Social Panel Server section.
👍 Friend requests cannot be denied.
👍 When in the Lobby screen, the ESC key and O shortcuts to access the social panel does not bring up the settings menu or toggle the state of the social panel.
👍 Player’s list of “Offline” friends is not minimized or collapsed by default.
👍 When in the Lobby screen, the Friend Request notification does not appear when receiving a friend request.
👍 Players are allowed to send Community invitations, even if their Community is full. Remaining invites will not rescind when a Community reaches capacity, too.
👍 Your Party does not disband when there is one Party Member left after the Party Leader, or Member, leaves the game.
👍 Players do not receive a chat notification message when someone joins a party.
👍 Players do not receive a chat notification message when another player joins their neighborhood.
👍 Players who are in the same community OR in the same server, who send each other friend requests, may see location information (such as where one player is currently located in the world) in the social panel.
🤷‍♀️ Party invitations do not expire when a Party becomes full.

Housing & Furniture

👍 Players may not be able to pick up their main house portion if their inventory is full - even if they have space in storage.
👍 The window above the main House entry doorway is not see-through from the exterior of the house, instead having just a gray texture applied over it.
🤷‍♀️ There is some minor clipping from the environment through the furniture, such as grass and trees.

Menus & Interface

🤷‍♀️ The ESC key does not close all menus.

Photo Mode

👍 The camera function cannot be rebound from the "K" key.
👍 Photo Mode’s recent photos and album menu buttons are behaving inconsistently. The “Back” button does not work, but the “Close” button will take you back.
👍 Party UI does not appear/disappear if a player takes a photo in-game before joining or leaving a party.

Quests & Villagers

👍 In Private spaces, NPCs are not standing on their expected target points, which could result in you catching Zeki jumping on his bed.
👍 When completing the quest “Ancient Battery”, there is no text in the pop-up. There are no further steps you need to take!
👍 Ashura is teleporting from his morning workout routine straight to his fishing location at 10:15am Palia Time.
🤷‍♀️ If players try to leave their Housing Plot before talking to Hodari during the early game tutorials, they appear to get stuck on an infinite loading stuck.


👍 Star quality items are no longer available to select to fulfill requests. This will prevent star quality items from being downgraded when your friend receives the item. We are continuing to work on this for a future update.

Visual, Audio, & Animation Bugs

👍 The Focus tutorial does not pop up to guide new players through an explanation of their Focus bar.
👍 UI buttons animate correctly but do not respond when clicked on their edges.
👍 A visual issue where when playing with a smaller screen size, or in windowed mode, the clothing icons in the wardrobe display covers the “continue” button.
👍 Terrain and foliage pop in and out during Welcome To Palia Cinematic.
👍 There are a collection of visual errors where items or environments will “pop” in and out of view as you approach.
👍 There are a handful of icons that do not match their item. This also applies to accomplishments rewards, like the Bug Catching accomplishments.
👍 After using the bow or smoke bomb, players can sometimes lock into the hunting pose.
🤷‍♀️ The Honey Lure animation does not loop properly.

Wardrobe & Premium Store

👍 Premium Store outfit thumbnails appear slightly greyed/muted in color until players hover over them.
👍 When players are transitioned to the Wardrobe, or Dressing Room Menu, they see glimpses of a black screen with UI, terrain, and an empty wardrobe menu with ”No Matching Results”. It will return to the expected appearance shortly after.
👍 Hair Dye Patterns do not display a pattern in the UI. The swatches appear as blank circles.

Well hello, buddy! We appreciate you reading our updates all the way to the end. If you like excellent information about Palia, you might like this: 🍲