Dev Update: October 2023

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Screenshot taken by Tab Cathulhu

The leaves are falling, the soup is simmering, and Palia is full of Sylphs, Vampires, and as of this week, Masked Doctors! That must mean the Halloween season is upon us. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to check out our community channels for all the eerie setups players have been creating, like Tab Cathulu’s pictured above.

Below, we’ll share a bit about what you can expect from Palia in the next few updates. Although some of these may not be seen in the very next update, we just can’t wait to show you some early peeks at what the developers are working on as we type!

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In Development


Last month, we shared some early information about the upcoming Starstones. At that time, we shared that “you will be able to find these Starstones in various rarities in random drops while mining, [and] will sell for a very high value, buffing the economic potential of mining significantly”.

Narratively, Starstones are gemstones associated with a constellation that serves as a physical reminder of your “Luna Moon” Sign, an intricate world of Majiri constellations and astrology that make your own Starstone that much more unique.

Your full Palian astrology sign (or “Star Path”) combines the season you were born in and the Luna moon phase you were born under. For example, you can be an "Air Artist" or a "Fire Merchant." Once you find your special sign, you can use that knowledge to form a better understanding of yourself, or maybe even predict your fortune!

These Star Paths imply a particular set of personality traits; but just like Astrology in our world, they don’t necessarily demand that personality type. Here’s a quick primer to get you started around what the Starstones you’ll be mining imply:

Starstone chart small

There will be much more to share with you all as we get deeper into the Majiri constellations and astrology in the future, including how you can find your own Star Path! 🔮

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Housing Add-Ons and Decor Limit Increases

Have you been reaching the edges of what is possible with the current limit to Housing Add-Ons and Decor? We’re ready for you - in just a few updates, Palia will be increasing the amount of housing add-ons and decor items you can place on your plot!

You may be wondering why we have limits in place - this is because we are being very careful with how the amount of housing add-ons and decor can impact performance on your housing plot.

Each of these steps towards expanding your options and creativity is a leap towards our goal of really allowing you to collaboratively progress a shared housing plot. As we mentioned above, we are still progressing vigilantly towards optimizing for performance, but we are excited to share these future updates with you today.

Housing Clusters

Currently, you can have 15 total housing add-ons on your plot. In a future update, you will be able to have a total of 30 add-ons.

You will be able to add as many Main Houses as you can fit on your plot, with 15 add-on rooms to each Main House (we call these groups of Main Houses with add-ons rooms of 1-15 “Clusters”), up to a total cap of 30. This means you can style an entire Cluster to be a friend’s Guesthouse, or maybe you want to style your Palian rooms as a Greenhouse or dedicated crafting space. Or maybe you want to make a whole collection of Gazebos for an epic outdoor hangout! We know you’ll all come up with creative and imaginative ideas that we could never dream of, and we can’t wait to see them!

Here’s a snapshot of our early development to illustrate how it would look if you had the maximum amount of add-ons available:

Housing Clusters Gif3
An early look at placing multiple Main Houses on your plot. Available in the next few updates!

Decor Limit Increase

We’ve noticed a lot of folks are reaching their limit when it comes to decor. Even with only 2,000 pieces available on your home plots, we’ve seen some incredible designs being made. Here are a few that have caught our eye:

Chocolat-IGN---Fiona-Celis WM
Screenshot taken by Tab Fiona Celis

Soon, you will be able to “WOW!” your neighbors even more with a total cap of 3,000 pieces of decor. You can expect both of these updates in the next few weeks.

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New Creature

A new little rascal will soon be spotted in Bahari Bay in the next 2-3 updates! These tree-dwelling critters have traveled a long way from the woods up north to take a look at the incoming new groves of Flow Trees that will soon be sprouting up as a result of the Temples starting to open.

NewCreature Tease
What was that?!

Welcoming A New NPC

As Palia continues to evolve, we will introduce new NPCs, bringing with them unique stories, quests, and interactions. Their introductions add a fresh layer of diversity and richness to our shared narrative, breathing more life into the daily happenings of Palia.

Our next upcoming villager, a Watcher from the Order, will be summoned to Kilima to investigate why the humans have emerged, kicking off a whole new story in the world of Palia.

Mystery Villager WM
Who is this mysterious stranger on their way to Kilima Village? Find out in the next 2-3 updates!

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Hot Topics & Notable Bugs


There has been an ongoing issue with our Accomplishments system. In some cases, progress ticks on an accomplishment, but does not count towards completing it. In other cases, some Accomplishment progress is being reset, or rewards are not being granted or completing correctly.

This is a deeply intricate and interconnected set of systems, and we are working diligently to fix these issues as soon as we can. However, we have not yet identified the root cause. For that reason we can’t share a timeline with you just yet, but we will be sure to give you an update as soon as we can.

Sernuks In Hills

Many of you have come across Sernuks trapped in the mountains and terrain of Palia. This is not a Halloween trick - merely a bug! We aim to have a fix for these poor creatures in the next few updates, so please stay tuned.

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Coming Soon™*

  • Facial Hair
  • Ability to Change Character Appearance
  • More Found Item Quests
  • Flow Tree Groves
  • New Temple
  • Winter Changes to Kilima

*Soon™: Included within the next 3 months

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We have even more surprises up our sleeve for you in the weeks and months to come. And as always, keep letting us know what you want to see, whether it’s on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook.

See you in Palia! 💜